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How to get over mic fright

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by KJ7PMY, Aug 23, 2020.

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  1. KE8JNU

    KE8JNU Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Don't worry about it Lila, no one will judge. I was 9 when I got my license and I'm 11 now (tech, gen, extra) and if anything people are happy to hear a younger voice. It was the exact same way for me, but when I finally said hello I made some good friends, even found out our county sheriff is a ham and am friends with him too! Also digital modes are a great way to talk if you can't bring yourself to press that PTT button, like PSK31. You can still talk in your own words but don't have to actually speak. PODXS 070 club has many contests that actually give you more points if you are an OM (old man, any boy/man really) and make a QSO with a YL (young lady, any girl/woman really) so YLs usually end up with quite a few points ... every time (I guess only twice lol) my mom and I came in one and two! Also SSTV (Slow Scan TV) is a fun way to express yourself with pictures, although not much actual conversation goes on. PM (private message) me if you want to set up a QSO because I love talking to people my age! :D Hope to hear you on the air,
    Danielle KE8JNU
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  2. KE0EYJ

    KE0EYJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sorry to intrude on the Youth forum, but I just want to wish you well, and encouragement.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel.

    When I had to give speeches in front of the class in high school and university, I was so terrified I shook.

    I now teach in front of about 120 university students each semester. If someone had told me I'd become a teacher, I would have laughed at them.

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