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How to get logbook entries confirmed

Discussion in 'Logbook User Forum' started by AC2MM, Feb 10, 2019.

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  1. AC2MM

    AC2MM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I just uploaded some 719 or so QSO's, and QRZ says that only 300+ are confirmed.
    What does that mean? With LOTW?
    Do I apply for something?

  2. W1DQ

    W1DQ Logbook Administrator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer DX Helper Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Two issues:

    First: QRZ tests the records in your logbook against the corresponding records in your worked party's logbook, if one exists. A confirmation will automatically take place when each party to a QSO independently enters their log data and provided both records agree by callsigns, mode, band, and UTC date/time within a 30-minute window. If a confirmation does not exist then it is possible that your worked party has not entered its record or one or more of the above fields lacks a match.

    A ratio of 300+ out of 719 is reasonable.

    Second: QRZ provides confirmation credit for those confirmed records in a corresponding LoTW account upon downloading from LoTW. In order to be able to download from LoTW, one must properly setup LoTW Access per:

    Your attempt to setup LoTW Access failed. Open your logbook, click on SETTINGS then scroll to Import/Export History, select "lotw setup" in the list and click on "View Report" for guidance. Carefully, follow setup instructions and re-setup LoTW Access.
  3. AC2MM

    AC2MM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    But I don't want QRZ to upload QSO's to LOTW.
    HRD already does this .
    Your guide, which I read, assumes the user wants to upload from QRZ to LOTW.
    It does not show how to confirm the QSO's in QRZ using LOTW.

    On my system, I have TQsl, and my Key, which is how HRD uploads the QSO's.
    So I'm a little confused here.
  4. W1DQ

    W1DQ Logbook Administrator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer DX Helper Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    You are seeking information as to "how to confirm the QSOs in QRZ using LoTW"; you further advise that "On my system...HRD uploads the QSOs".

    As to using LoTW in association with QRZ, the benefit is improving the likelihood of QSO confirmations as QRZ provides credit for LoTW-confirmed QSOs. The idea is to "handshake" with your LoTW account in order to import LoTW-logged QSOs into your QRZ Logbook. This requires one to Enable LoTW Access available on the QRZ Logbook SETTINGS page. Once enabled, simply click on the Download from LoTW button on that page. QRZs automatic confirmation system then takes over.

    TQSL is only used to obtain your LoTW account's digital certificate as required during the LoTW Access setup process.

    HRD and a Key are not required and I too am confused as to the degree of HRD's involvement, which is unnecessary. Perhaps HRD has developed an API to interact with QRZ and LoTW; if so you need to contact HRD for support. QRZ only provides an API developers guide reference: QRZ Logbook API.pdf
  5. AC2MM

    AC2MM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I really appreciate you clarifying that for me. The article really makes it sound like it's purpose is to upload all your QSO's to LOTW.
    On HRD, they don't do it automatically, I have to do it.
    Like I say on my page, I select all the QSO's I've made in a session, and just press the "LOTW Upload" button, and HRD does the rest using TQSL and my LOTW account info.
    Tomorrow, I'll work on getting this done. Hopefully I won't screw it up.

    Thanks again,
  6. AC2MM

    AC2MM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    OK, I'm lost...
    Step 5: "From the QRZ Logbook LOTW Access Setup Page..."
    I can't find this anywhere.
  7. AC2MM

    AC2MM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I found it from another discussion.
  8. AC2MM

    AC2MM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    OK, I suppose it worked.
    It said " After retrieving and analyzing 1344 QSOs from LoTW:

    247 Additional QSOs are now confirmed in your QRZ Logbook"

    It still doesn't seem right. With 1344 QSO's, QRZ says I only have 726, with onl;y 571 confirmed.
    What happened to the other 618 QSO's if I just downloaded them all into QRZ?
  9. W1DQ

    W1DQ Logbook Administrator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer DX Helper Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Your assumption that all downloaded QSOs are inserted in your log is incorrect. Upon downloading, QRZ found that 1344 QSOs in your LoTW account had yet to be considered by QRZ. These QSOs are analyzed to determine their status in comparison with the records already in your QRZ logbook.​

    If a QSO already exists in your logbook, it is ignored. If the QSO is not yet in your logbook. it is inserted. If a QSO is confirmed in LoTW but not yet in QRZ, confirmation is granted. Following the download and its analysis, your logbook contains 726 QSOs with 571 of them having confirmed status.
  10. AC2MM

    AC2MM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm not sure I understand, but I get the idea that some of this is caused from hams that aren't using a QRZ logbook, even though they are using LOTW.
    I guess I don't follow "Has yet to be considered". Duplicates I understand. But seeing as I just started my QRZ logbook, I would assume that LOTW had all my logs, where QRZ only had some. Is that what's being "considered" somehow?

    It gets more complicated I'm finding out, because when I applied for these awards, there were a lot of mismatched entries, like Grid Data, that are incorrect, by JTAlertX, but as yet to be ironed out by the JTAlertX users group. My system looks up data using QRZ, like I do, but someone is saying that's different than the DXCC Grid info. That's not right IMO.
    Don't respond to that yet, I'm trying to find out what JTAlertX has to say.

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