How to connect common DIN 6 pin radio data connector to USB serial converter

Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by K4ZOT, Aug 22, 2019.

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  1. W9GB

    W9GB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Glenn -

    You are making a COMMON Mistake / Mixup, and New developments don’t always fit older equipment.

    Digital Modes (like FT8) Require AUDIO, from the Radio (MIC/INPUT; SPEAKER/OUTPUT),
    to be Routed to a Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The DSP can be within your Computer, an Add-On Card, OR an External DSP (Timewave Navigator, etc.).
    The mid-1990s was filled with various “sound card to radio” interfaces for PSK31 usage.
    The mini-DIN 6-pin connector (Rear Panel) on TM255 was originally provisioned for
    Packet Radio (AX.25 usage) of mid-1980s to 1990s ... that connected to a Packet Modem/TNC.
    Suitability for your usage, unknown.

    K1JT — FT8
    The USB to Serial Bridge Cables ONLY Convert from
    one Serial Communication Standard (TTL/UART, 1973), to Another (USB, 1995).
    USAGE: Remote Computer Control of a modern Radio (that has a microprocessor inside).
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  2. KK4NSF

    KK4NSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Before you give up on what you are wanting to do, talk to Paul Jahnke at Jahnke Electronics. He is the man when it comes to connecting Kenwoods to computers. He'll know if it will work or not. He recently made me a cable that had the components inside the connectors to convert the levels to what the computer needed.... no box required.

    About the UART Chip requirement: that is required for CAT Control, probably not for digital modes. If the op only wants to use the computer for digitl modes, and use VOX (assuming his radio has VOX ) for PTT..... then an audio out may work for him. Call Paul. He'll know.

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