How to communicate my "number" in my call

Discussion in 'The DX Zone' started by N8SAN, Mar 30, 2019.

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  1. N2IW

    N2IW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't operate phone often, but in last CQWW SSB, sometimes stations got my number as 3. I wonder maybe it's my accent? (English is my second language)
  2. K8BZ

    K8BZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just use standard phonetics and speak clearly, repeat as necessary. If you are asked specifically for your prefix, suffix or number, then just repeat what you were asked for. If problems persist, switch to CW.
  3. 2E0LPL

    2E0LPL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Std phonetics helps no end for me...and giving your call slowly...twice if necessary.
  4. K3XR

    K3XR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Since there are no "standard phonetics" try different combinations of words that give you the best results.

    We are not engaged in military, police, aviation, marine or other services where a certain "standard" may be recognized, required or encouraged.

    Can't speak for all jurisdictions in the world but the use of phonetics in the US is spelled out very clearly in the FCC regulations if one would care to review them.
  5. N1OOQ

    N1OOQ Ham Member QRZ Page

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  6. WD0BCT

    WD0BCT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Couldn't this be construed as WN2AAT? That's a real call sign, although not in use. If the guy acknowledges Whisky Number Two Alpha Alpha Tango he would still be wrong.
  7. 2E0LPL

    2E0LPL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Std phonetics...never fails me....simple no confusion have to think and decipher in your head non-std.
  8. N0TZU

    N0TZU Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    All it says in Part 97.119(2) is “...Use of a phonetic alphabet as an aid for correct station identification is encouraged”
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  9. W2AAT

    W2AAT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    When I was a novice my call was WV2AAT and I never had issue with this call on cw, thus I didn't have to use Whiskey Victor two Alpha Alpha Tango... Then I got my General which was WA2AAT. I used Whiskey Alpha 2 Alpha Alpha Tango with the Tango Texas change based on conditions. Now I'm a crabby old timer W2AAT and no matter what I use, I'm right! and I don't give a crap about those with the prefix WN2:p
    Also, I believe in running lots of power so that the ham on the other end doesn't have a problem... The old saying "Might is right" works well in our hobby...
  10. K8BZ

    K8BZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    That's correct we are not engaged in military, police, aviation etc. etc. But there are good reasons that these groups use and train in standard phonetics. It's to improve the accuracy and time required to get the correct message through. And even though most ham radio communication is not as important as the aforementioned, when you have been fighting the DX pileup, sometimes for hours, to snag that rare ATNO that has not been on the air for over 30 years and this is the last day of the expedition, it may seem pretty important that your call be received correctly by the DX station. If your call is WB8MB, I would recommend that you call using WHISKEY BRAVO 8 MIKE BRAVO, and not WHY BONZO 8 MORE BANANAS.

    There are a few recognized 'standard' phonetics (APCO, NATO, ITU) NATO and ITU are the same and are the phonetics usually heard on the ham bands, especially on traffic nets. I believe it's best not to use phonetics at all when they are not necessary. But when conditions are poor and it's important to be heard correctly, drop the cutesy phonetics and stick to recognized standards.

    73 de K8BZ (KEVIN 8 BAKED ZETI)
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2019

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