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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by W6GQ, Oct 7, 2010.

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    W6GQ Swap Meet Moderator Volunteer Moderator QRZ Page

    Updated: October 7, 2018

    As you've heard, every item offered for sale on QRZ must include a picture, and the seller's call sign must appear in at least one of the photos, alongside the item being sold. The call sign can be as simple as handwriting on a piece of paper, so long as it is clearly visible.

    So, once you've created a few pictures, how do you post them on QRZ?

    First, make sure your picture is resident on the computer that you are using to post the ad. This can be a tablet or other mobile device if you're not using a desktop or laptop computer. If needed, you should use image editing software to crop or resize the photo to make it look as nice as possible. It's not strictly necessary to edit the picture, only recommended. Note that you may not add your call sign using an image editor as it must have been in the picture when it was taken.

    About callsign in the photo: The most convincing ones are hand scribbled on a piece of paper and placed in such a way that it is apparent that it wasn't digitally edited or photoshopped. A partially crumpled piece of paper with a hand written call, stuck under the knob on the front panel is a lot more convincing than a perfectly formed, laser printed and carefully folded card. The issue is credibility, not artistic perfection.

    New in the box? That's great but you will have to open the box and show us the gear. A picture of a box is not a picture of the product and we require a picture of the product.

    Steps to posting a for-sale ad:

    1. Navigate to the swapmeet section and make sure that you're logged into QRZ.

    2. At the top of the Swapmeet section, look for a blue button titled: "Post New Thread". Click this button to begin. The Create Thread window should appear.

    3. Set the thread prefix to either For Sale or Wanted. Do this by clicking on the prefix.

    4. Input a Thread Title. Do not include the words "for sale", "For trade", "Mint", etc., as these should be mentioned in the text of the article. Try and limit the thread title to the make and model number of the item(s) being offered.

    5. In the edit box, provide your description and whatever terms you wish to offer for the sale.

    6. Note that there is a small Image icon in the edit toolbar. You probably DON'T want to use this because it requires you to provide a link (URL) to an image located elsewhere (i.e. not on QRZ). Instead, scroll down the page just a little and note three buttons labeled Create Thread, Upload a File, and Preview...

    At this point, click on Upload a File. You will be presented with a popup window to choose the file you wish to add to your post. Use the popup window to locate your picture and click the Open button in the popup.

    Once you click on the Open button, your file will appear in a small thumbnail under the heading Attached Files. Next to the image are two buttons labeled Thumbnail and Full Image. Either of these buttons will insert the image into your post. The Thumbnail button will insert a smaller version of the image into the text area whereas the Full Image button will insert the full sized picture. You may choose either button, or, neither in which case your picture will show up as an attachment to the post instead of being embedded within the text.

    Repeat Upload a File as many times as you wish to add more pictures, and use the Thumbnail or Full Image buttons to insert them into the text area.

    To remove a picture from the Text area, just highlight it and click Delete on your keyboard.

    7. Once you've added all of your pictures and have adjusted the text to your liking, click on the Create Thread button. Your posting will become live immediately, and will show up on the QRZ front page within 15 minutes.

    If you accidentally hit Create Thread before you had a chance to upload your photos, do not dismay. Just look for the word "edit" in your posting and click on it to re-edit the post. The ability to re-edit will persist for about 30 minutes to give you time to correct any errors. In order to see the Upload a File button, you must click on the More Options... button. Once you've re-opened your post under More Options, you may re-edit the posting to your heart's content.

    Picture Size - the ideal photo should be about 800 pixels wide. If the picture is too large, many users will have trouble viewing it. Maximum allowable picture size measured in bytes is 920KB. Don't assume that everybody has the same size computer screen as you do.

    There are two sizes to a photo. The Digital size and the Physical size.
    The Digital size is measured in Kilobytes. Photos must be no larger 920Kb to properly load on QRZ.
    The Physical size is measured in inches. A photo much larger than 8" X 10" probably will not upload to our server.
    Open your photo in your favorite graphics software. Both of these measurements Should be displayed. Decrease the size of your photo as needed.
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