How many look at 'for sale ads' often ?

Discussion in 'Swapmeet Talk' started by KH8AC, Nov 5, 2019.

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  1. NZ4X

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    As a seller we have an obligation in today's market to pick and choose who we sell too. Being first in line doesn't necessarily mean the item will be sold to you. There are many variables to consider. Personally before I sell to anyone I do a complete call sign check on the person. Do I see any red flags? Do I see any complaints from previous sales? Do I see any unnecessary PayPal charge backs? If all checks out than I will proceed with the sale. The above can also be applied to a buyer as well.
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  2. KA0HCP

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    Other points...

    -A seller may have the item offered in multiple places besides a listing on The Zed; e.g. eBay, QTH, eHam, AM Fone,Craigs list, local repeater nets, HF nets. Just because you see only your reply here, doesn't mean you are "first" to make an offer.
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  3. KH8AC

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    Ah...another reason to just buy NEW or from a known established business...

    One has seen a billion problems talked about as to amateur radio selling/buying to begin with.

    If somebody tells me it is sold to me if #1 person does not follow through I try to believe it is the truth. I would think there are legal remedies if the parties were local.

    I feel sorry for person #1 or #689581244 as in this case it just seems to be simply selling to somebody that offers more perks than the other person. (above the advertised price, etc.)

    I still think something is odd if you give a contract out and ignore such.

    So something to jump off a cliff for ?
  4. KH8AC

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    That means that Ham A's payment came through. A is #1 or #57 ?

    This is getting fun. I spend some time now looking at buy/sell of amateur stuff and the endless gripes. Become an 'amateur' to learn all the latest cons !!!!

    If on paper contracts do mean something and verbal contracts do mean something if you can prove something.

    To me a speaker of BS is last on my agenda of someone I want to have anything to do with. There are 100 million religions and cultures and civilizations and most have some code of ethics. Even the ole American Indian.

    Big stink over trivial nothing.

    So all ads should say __________ price but the one with biggest perks gets it. A formula should be developed to suggest extra perks. Free Vacations ? Lottery ? Tax Free exemptions. Bargain stolen goods. Counterfeit. Too late to think anymore === (another heat pad on my swollen brain)
  5. W4RAV

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    I tend to sell to the first person who pays. That's why I don't take checks or money-orders (PayPal only).
    Why wait to see who's check you get first?
    Plus all the extra work the "losers" have to go through to make sure I don't cash their check too. (Not that I would.)

    I try to give it to the first person who commits. But if another offer comes in, oh say, about 24 hours later and they pay first, number one guy loses out.
    How much they're offering doesn't matter as much to me. I'd rather sell to the guy who paid my asking price immediately than a guy who offered more a few days later.

    Bird in hand and all that. :)

    Thing is, if you're going to buy something, pay for it immediately. Gets the item to you faster, and everyone likes to get paid quickly.

  6. WX7P

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    I don't always sell to the first person who responds. This isn't kindergarten and sometimes life isn't fair.

    If they post "email sent" in the thread, that's a non-starter. A for sale thread isn't a claim to be staked and the buyer isn't some old prospector.
    If they live in Eastern Afghanistan and the item is $x amount shipped, then they probably won't get the item.
    If they've ever sold something with lame conditions, as this one bozo did recently who said "No sales to California". I wouldn't sell someone like that ice cubes in the Mojave. And yes, I remember callsigns.
    If they are first and attach a bunch of conditions to the sale. Why would I sign up for that aggravation? You KNOW there will be a problem. If you want a guarantee, buy new.
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