How I Tune Up My Amplifier

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KM9G, Jul 7, 2021.

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  1. MI0ODN

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    propagation = happy frequency ,big amplifiers just rape the airwaves
  2. MI0ODN

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  3. WB2WIK

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    "Why use QRP when a kilowatt will do?"
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  4. WG7X

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    Sorry chap, two countries separated by a common language... Can you re-phrase that for Americans?

    Are you trying to say that you can't "Run with the big dogs!" over there what with a measly 400 watt power limit and all... If that's the case, how many UK hams do you think really pay attention to your power limits? Sure seems to be a fair number of your fellow UK hams asking questions about big amps here...

    Asking for a friend, of course!

    Obligatory emoticon here denoting humor, etc, etc... o_O
  5. N4BOZ

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    I will say this... as a relatively new TL-922A owner... finding clear, concise information that isn't immediately contradicted has been difficult. I tried the mfr instructions in the manual, and they confuse me... they are clear as mud. Then, I read somewhere there are errors in them. I don't remember specifics, but it seems like they use terms that don't match the knobs and things.

    One clear thing I got from various sources was to keep the IG below 200, and the IP below 650. From there, I learned to start at low power and dip the plate (seeing it dip at low power can be a challenge), then peak the load. I never key up more than a few secs at a time, watching those meters. What I DON'T do is mess with the SSB/CW switch... I guess those switches are prone to failure. I do everything in SSB and make sure I don't let the IG and IP go higher than stated before.

    Hopefully I'm doing right, I spent a lot of time reading and that is what I came up with in the end.

    Be easy if you disagree.... lol.
  6. KA4DPO

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    I'm not crazy about the MFJ dummy load, I much prefer my old cantenna. I know it's primitive, but the oil cooled resistor can take power longer than the MFJ, and doesn't change value as temperature increases. It will let you tune an 811H at full power without breaking a sweat. I also like my old Drake power meter, but mostly I pay attention to the grid current when tuning.
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  7. VA3AQB

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    Maybe for a new ham low power and is still learning, this AL811 is a good amp for a new guy who can make mistakes and tubes are cheap. Tuning with low power is not a good practice. I think the first tune step should be taken out and go with the second step on 25% if not confident yet.
    If I was a new ham this video I would love to come across to help me with my new amp. Good job
  8. NN2X

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    I was taught this way as well..

    NN2X Tom

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