How Did You Radio Today?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by VK4HAT, Aug 11, 2018.

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  1. VK4HAT

    VK4HAT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Lucky you. Sounds like lots of fun.
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  2. US7IGN

    US7IGN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I took part in IARU 1 HF FD.
    Lazy setup ICOM IC-706mk2g, AH-4, Delta loop on pine in KO50IN.
    Run only, no more than 16 hours in total. Power from 50 to 80W.

    PXL_20210605_145652709.MP.jpg score.jpg
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  3. K6AQ

    K6AQ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    So it turns out there's still a significant RFI issue with the Amazon ceiling lamp. The vast majority of the noise seems to still exist on 30 meters (3 S unit increase, pretty much wiping out the whole band including WWV/WWVH), plus there's definitely a 2-3dB difference on 20 meters. Fortunately 40 seems okay but it's very possible my local noise floor was already high enough to mask anything coming out of my QTH. Not to mention I don't really detect any difference above 20, either.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if it's worth taking it down again and attempting to add additional windings (and/or using a toroid core instead of clip-on ferrites), especially since I'll likely have to splice in additional wire to get enough slack to do the former. There's also the possibility of maybe replacing the ballast, but that would also require (a) taking it down twice (once to get the specs of it and again to install the replacement) and (b) possibly having to splice the replacement in.
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  4. HA2ZB

    HA2ZB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Switched on the radio the first day later afternoon, and immediately heard a familiar callsign ;)


    You gave good signal on 15 meter too.

    Checklog submitted!
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2021
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  5. VK4HAT

    VK4HAT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I gone and done it, made my first qso from the new house, with a mate of mine in Melbourne, Steve VK3KTT. Have a listen to the noise floor LOL, no noise reduction, no attenuation, just signals sounding how signals should without all the RF pollution in the city.
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  6. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    17m is in really good condx lately, including today.

    At 0050 UTC today the band is so full of signals I had to use PBT to zero in on anybody. Even the "CW end" of the band is packed. The W1AW signal from ~3000 miles away on 18.0975 is 25 dB/S9.

    Good to hear 17m "back in action!" I just made a dozen contacts there and had to QRT for dinner preparations (cooking now) but the band's still very good.

    C'mon sunspots!
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  7. KM1H

    KM1H Ham Member QRZ Page

    In 1962 our USN ship was tied up in Greenock Scotland and the Nautilus was tied up across the bay at the Holy Loch sub base. Group visits were arranged. She wasnt as cramped or smelly as a diesel electric I rode on for a few hours in Long Island Sound during New London training but I sure wouldnt want to be stationed on the early ones.

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  8. HA2ZB

    HA2ZB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I tried if I could acquire ARISS SSTV images (Expedition 65 - MAI-75 June 2021). I took the 1st and 3rd from the backyard by my handheld Moxon-Yagi antenna and HT with a connected voice recorder. The 2nd was received from the shack by the attic GP antenna (worked for the pass with lower elevation).

    Inter-MAI-75_10062021a.jpg Inter-MAI-75_10062021b.jpg Inter-MAI-75_10062021c.jpg

    So these are my very first SSTV receptions. Signals were processed by MMSSTV app.

    You can browse much nicer images here, these guys really know how to do SSTV: Welcome to the ARISS SSTV gallery (
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2021
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  9. N5HXR

    N5HXR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Very nice! I just picked up an Arrow dual-band yagi, and need to check the schedules for an SSTV event. One of these days, some amateur satellite needs to include a camera that sends live shots of Earth via SSTV as it passes over!
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  10. K6AQ

    K6AQ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    More adventures in RFI here. Some background: since my "attic" is more a crawlspace than an actual attic, I've been limited in how I can wire my condo for Ethernet. As a result, I have three network switches (living room, closet, office). The closet one is what I call the "main" switch and links the other two together (as well as connecting additional ports in the bedroom and living room).

    Anyway, whenever I tried to transmit on 10 meters, the Ethernet connection between the living room and the office (where my Hermes Lite 2 resides) becomes unstable, thus causing my connection to the radio to stop working. I went as far as to run fiber between the living room and the closet (both switches support SFP+) as well as replace the Cat5E run between the closet and office with a 550MHz Cat6 one (albeit not shielded, which probably was a mistake). These changes caused the Ethernet link between the living room and closet to become stable but not the one between the closet and office. I even tried to add additional ferrite chokes on the new Cat6 run as well as the DX Engineering Ethernet filters but to no avail.

    What did almost 100% fix it, though? Unplugging everything from the closet switch but Wi-Fi, NAS, living room fiber and closet<->office links and plugging everything back in again at different ports. :eek: I still see a ping packet drop between the closet and office immediately on transmit but it re-stabilizes afterward. Longer term I'll probably want to at least replace the office run with shielded Cat6A if not run fiber but I'm not feeling crawling around up there any time soon.

    (Speaking of the DX Engineering filters, they definitely cause problems when you run a 10 gigabit network like I do here at home. They probably work great if you only run 1Gbps though. I know the listing explicitly said 1Gbps but figured I'd test anyway.)
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