How Did You Radio Today?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by VK4HAT, Aug 11, 2018.

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  1. HA2ZB

    HA2ZB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Closed PACC contest today with 102 QSOs in total. This day was not different at all in terms of PA stations' signal strength and overal conditions. But still it was a good fun, working hard for every single contact.

    Hats off for the Dutch guys especially the ones with moderate CW skills (like me) and less power / antennas who participated and let the game happen. Whenever I mentioned the issues with the QSOs in the post before, I kept in mind, that most probably I would not provide much different experience in running mode - and I was not brave enough to do the running in HA-DX some weeks ago.
  2. US7IGN

    US7IGN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I also supported my colleagues from the Netherlands. 111 QSO. Only 14MHz. At 21 there was a very short and weak propogation that I missed. 28MHz was closed, and I have no antennas for other bands at home. There is a lot of snow outside and frost - I have no desire to go out of town yet. Most of the stations were heard quietly and the speed sometimes had to be reduced to 18WPM and repeat, repeat, repeat again ... I continued to experiment with my noise phase suppressor and came to the conclusion that it was a worthwhile acquisition. The intelligibility in noises has increased and the reception has become more comfortable without noise cracking.
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  3. KK9W

    KK9W Ham Member QRZ Page

    As a CW beginner I managed to work Liechtenstein. That's a new DXCC entity for me. The higher bands produced good results today. Not sure if that's due to people trying to avoid the many contests but I was happy to log each one of them.
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  4. W4NNF

    W4NNF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well, the big deal this weekend was the CQ WPX RTTY contest. After an accident I suffered a couple of years back, I've had a hard time sitting in one position--like the operating position here--for long stretches. I've been working on getting my mojo back over the last two years, though. Still, I set a reasonable goal for myself, 200 QSOs. But it was easier this time...I nearly doubled that goal and hope to do better next time. A big help? I've really got N1MM and MMTTY working well now. I find that big bandscope it puts onscreen from my IC 7610 is a huge help. Anyhow, I know this is a modest accomplishment, but I'm still pretty proud of myself this morning. :)
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  5. W7TCT

    W7TCT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Cold and snowy out and, as my “shack” is by my workbench in the garage, I have just been letting the 7300 listen for WSPR 40m transmissions while using VNC to check that things are running as expected.

    I like the WSPR reporting site of to see what is being heard.

    Stay safe and warm during this national weather event.
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  6. K1LKP

    K1LKP Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

  7. HA2ZB

    HA2ZB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Recently I had a problem calling UK stations. I realized this on Sunday when wanted to join FISTS Ladder activity, and although I could hear the (week but workable) signals of G and M stations, they never heard me. Same on Monday. Both on 40m and 80m.

    Today I got an idea, so found and connected to Web SDR ( I selected a proper frequency in 80m CW band and sent some QRL? messages. I was happy to hear myself about 1 S level above the noise. So the signal was there...

    It was my first time to try out a WebSDR, it was a good fun checking my own signal at that location. Good service.

    Some minutes after getting this evidence, I could work with GM4ATA (Scotland). Easily.
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  8. HA2ZB

    HA2ZB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I was lucky today, I could contact a new country (40m, CW):

    A little bit later I suspended the operation as I was watching the NASA live coverage on Perseverance rover landing on Mars. Great job and big achievement! And the radio - I call it a DX, the signal travels 11 mins... it would be boring to have a CW QSO and as I could see the antenna would not fit to my garden o_O
  9. US7IGN

    US7IGN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm unemployed now, so in broad daylight I did UK8ZC on 21MHz and FK8IK on 14MHz (CW, 100W, 1 element trap vertical)
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  10. HA2ZB

    HA2ZB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    ARRL DX CW contest - same setup (20W, simple vertical multiband loop) and same patience on 20m in the pileups for North America stations. 20 contacts in 3.5 hours. New US states, and Canada as new country in my log. So overall I am happy - it was a persistence game.

    Looking forward to the next day.
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