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how did You get in to ham radio?

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by KB3LAZ, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. KJ4CCH

    KJ4CCH Ham Member QRZ Page


    i got started from my moms friend
  2. K8WPJ

    K8WPJ Banned QRZ Page

    Radio and electronics have always been a part of my life from my earliest memories...

    in the late 60's when us kids heard TVI from another local ham on our street, and we always knew when it was about to storm, becasue he would crank down the 80 foot tower he had straddling his back yard. Combine that with an obsession for TV cop shows, and I was hooked..

    I was first licenced, KNA 8758 on 11 meters, and was known as 'The Black Knight' (because I drove a long well waxed black '77 ford LTD) on the local channel 15 neighborhood net. I was also good friends with several local hams, and did try several times, to get my Novice ticket, but, was never good enough at CW. in the 70's and 80's I was always on a radio of some kind, AM/FM for the DJ's, from the fall of Saigon on the SWL, fooling around with my friends in the neighborhood, and using CB's and police scanners to keep in touch.

    In college, I realized that the guys that got the girls had the concert tickets, and since i was broke, I figured the best way to get the tickets was work at the college radio station.,.... LOL... for the next 4 years I kicked around the college radio station as a Carlin/Cosby/Cronkite clone, and had a ball... After college tried to get into commercial radio and gave it up after 3 years trying to get noticed...

    Went to work at Radio Shlock in 1994, and immediately went to the top of the sales charts... became a Asst Store Mgr and had no real life outside of selling retail for the next 3 years... When my father heard about my being employed at RS, he said, "My God, It's destiny!" When I mentioned I was interested in becoming a licenced ham, my DM dared me to get it, saying it would make me just that much more of a 'radio authority' which he liked to promote whenever possible. I was licenced KB8WPJ in 1995.

    Left Cleveland, and in 1997, found myself in central Ohio working for a small town station as a part time announcer. From there to just after my marriage, I worked for several radio stations, doing production and on air work.,.. some of the most funn I have ever had and got paid well to do it....

    Finally got my first real antenna farm, and home station setup in 2005, and have been slowly turning it into a quality station... I still do some voicework, but that's rare.

    More often than not, i am just listening anymore...
  3. KC9MAY

    KC9MAY Ham Member QRZ Page

    My brother (KD0AMG) got in to ham while co-oping at IBM in Minnesota. He had a few friends/coworkers there who ran a club in the basement. Since it cost him nothing to get on the air at the time, he got right in to HF when he got his license. He told me about it, I thought it was cool, and he got the manual for my birthday last year. I spent all summer getting through it and got my license this past fall. Sometime this winter my brother got up to amateur extra. Then I finally got an HT (Yaesu VX-7R) for my birthday this past weekend.
  4. KB3LAZ

    KB3LAZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Happy belated birth day.
    Hope you have a lot of fun with the vx-7.
    I have 2 of them they are great radios.
  5. KU0DM

    KU0DM Guest

    They are. I love my VX7R, I might need to get another one.

    During a CERT drill, it started raining and most of the other guys had Icom radios and had to turn them off and put them in their pack to keep them dry. I just laughed.

    Rugged is good. Rugged and good performance is great.
    The VX7R is amazing.

    Paid for by Vertex Standard-Yaesu :p
  6. KC9LDG

    KC9LDG Ham Member QRZ Page

    I first got into radios about 3 years ago when I was introduced to CB radio. From there a teacher at my high school K9JLR was telling kids at our school to get their ham licenses. Well no one became interested at my school but me but I studied and passed the test a little more than a year ago and I have loved ham radio since.
  7. VE1IDX

    VE1IDX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Back in 1979 my father bought a Midland SSB base CB radio. I was hooked on DX'ing from that point. I was 14 at the time. I never considered myself as a CB'er but rather an 11m SSB operator. :D I almost never talked local and then when I did it was to a handfull of tech minded older fellows. Eventually I decided to make electronics my profession and it was about this time that my interest in 11m faded into oblivion never to return. Fresh out of school I landed a job in the engineering department of the local radio station that ran a 4 station AM and 2 station FM network. The chief engineer was a ham, VE1UJ (Hi Dave ;)) and he asked me if I was ever interested in getting my ticket. I had thought about it for sometime before getting the job at the radio station and actually knew all the regulations I needed to know so one day I called the Department of Communications as Industry Canada was called back then and asked when the next written amateur exam was.This was in the day of multiple questions combined with written paragraghs and block diagrams.They replied "This Thursday". It was Tuesday afternoon when I called! With about a day to prepare I went to Halifax and wrote the exam in the D.O.C. office and scored 100% on my theory and 98% on my regulations. I missed either the one about RTTY or SSTV. The examiner looked a bit shocked when he looked over my test as I had finished in about half the allotted time. I told him I had to pass the test or my boss would probably fire me. LOL.When I told him where I worked he just laughed and said "That's why! I was beginning to think you had cheat notes stashed somewhere". :p
  8. VA7GTE

    VA7GTE Ham Member QRZ Page

    I got into CB back in the 80's in Wales. Loved to tinker with electronics and antennas etc. I came to Canada in 2000 and bought a Jeep last year, which had a ICOM 2720H in it installed by the previous owner. Picked up a new Larsen 2/70 and SWR meter, replaced with rusty old coax, rewired it in properly to a second gell battery and listened in to the local repeater ragchews and net meets. So then I got my license, handy for offroading I thought, since cell phones dont work out there.

    Now I have a VX7R and just recently a VX1R too. Great hobby. Interested in antenna performance more than anything, cool to get the 500mW 1R to hit distant repeaters. Sat stuff looks cool too.

  9. KC0BDA

    KC0BDA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I got my license back in 97, but not exactly sure how it happened. My father was always into electronics (audio, video, radio, HUGE in computers, etc.) but never had a Ham license. He had some old CB gear from when he was younger and I would play around with that when traveling and with some friends up the street, but never anything serious. We put up a scanner antenna in the attic probably in about 94 that I played around with listening to whatever I could find (at that time mostly cordless phones, and police).

    I guess the Ham stuff came up right after I had started high school. I believe it was his idea and since it didn't require Morse Code anymore it was easier for a professional and student like us to get involved. It turned into a pretty cool thing my father and I did together. We studied at the same time and took the test the same day (our calls are one letter apart). Went to ham fests whenever possible, put rigs in our cars, he even helped subsidize some purchases and install a nice vertical on my moms chimney (her approval of course). We lived about 30 miles apart, but I would talk to him and the 146.520 gang in St. Louis at night. We also did some work at fairs and marathons and things back then and had a blast.

    I basically stopped running a station for the last seven or so years. Went to college, moved 900 miles away, got married, got a career, bought a house, etc. and finally am getting back into it. I will definitely be upgrading to General then Extra assuming I can figure out a way to get an HF antenna up with my strict CC&Rs. Maybe I'll be able to talk to him simplex once again.
  10. KM5QF

    KM5QF Ham Member QRZ Page

    mid-1970's... sitting at my grandfather's feet as he played on his 11meter boat anchor. getting in trouble for repeated attempts to climb the tower he had in the backyard topped with this massive beam yagi.
    thats when the bug bit.

    several years later a family friend, WD5EAG (sk, RIP my friend) introduced me to ham radio. not too much longer after that i got my no-code tech ticket and quickly worked my way up to advanced. i had a lot of help along the way.
    some as official elmers, others as friends helping out, all of which apprecieated.
    WD5EAG, KA5JNL, K5MC, to name just a few, thanks guys.
    dah di dah
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