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how did You get in to ham radio?

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by KB3LAZ, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. DF1FN

    DF1FN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello, I am Fabian, 16 years old from Germany.

    I did a very "classical" way to get into HAM-Radio. At first, I guess I was 9 years old I saw a PMR-Radio (It's the European version of the american FRS system). I was fascinated by it immediately. So I got one at christmas. Then I already forgott these radios. But then my father said he knew someone at work who has two CB-Radios and he asked if I would not be interested to get them. I remembered the PMR-Radios and of course I said yes. This was four years ago. I have been communicating with a friend (Uli) since then. We got some other radios from CB operators around our village. It has always been interesting. But then a relative died and at the funeral my parents met Hans, DL3LN (a remote relative). He is a very active amateur radio operator. Uli and I decided to meet him. We have been very fascinated by his equipment and his experience (he's 65 years old) and we are fascinated still now. He was (and is) very happy that there are some teenagers who are interested in amateur radio. So he gave me a vintage receiver that he didn't need. That was 2006. For that time I have been listening to the shortwave frequencies. In September 2007 I passed the exam for the german amateur radio novice licence class "E". Since the first January of 2008 I'm operating on shortwave (I mean also TX) but just on 80 meters. By-and-by I met some other amateur radio operators too, for example Helmut, DK6WL; Walter, DL1SFA and Kari, HB9BZX. On 25.02.2008 i passed the exam for the advanced amateur radio licende class. Since 2008-02-29 my new callsing is DF1FN.

    So, now you know how I get into HAM Radio.
    I hope some others will tell us their story, too.

    73 and many greetings from Bavaria, from Fabian, DF1FN (previous DO7XV)
    (I'm sorry if there are misspelling in the text, but I had not much time to write it. :cool:)
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2008
  2. DJ1YFK

    DJ1YFK Guest

    Good luck! Hope to hear you soon on the bands. You'd be the first Fabian in my log.

    Don't worry. Some of the native speakers here show an amazing level of disrespect for grammar and spelling. That is something to worry about.
  3. DF1FN

    DF1FN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hallo Fabian :D!

    Vielen Dank für die Glückwünsche erst mal.

    Ha! Das find ich doch gut, dass es noch andere Funkamateure mit "meinem" Namen gibt. Aber ich sehe du bist ein bisschen älter als ich. Machst du auch Kurzwelle? Wenn ja, würde ich mich freuen, wenn wir uns mal hören, in meinem Logbuch währ' es übrigens das selbe!

    And now my answer, translated in English, so that everyone can understand it:

    Hello Fabian :D!

    Many thanks for your congratulations at first.

    Hey! I guess it's kind of funny that there are other Amateur radio operators with "my" name. But I see you are a little bit older than me. Are you also operating on shortwave? I would be very happy if we would hear each other anytime. It would be the same in my logbook.

    73 und viele Grüße von mir, Fabian, DO7XV (bald hoffentlich nicht mehr.)
  4. DJ1YFK

    DJ1YFK Guest

    Yes. Mostly in CW, with an odd QSO in RTTY (contests only) every now and then, and I am known to make an annual appearance on SSB too.
  5. K0DXC

    K0DXC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Same here, except my appearances in anything but CW are rare
  6. VK3FTIM

    VK3FTIM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Where is your QTH KU0DM?
  7. WS2L

    WS2L Guest

    My story is pretty simple I guess. Now I'm 44 years old and was licensed in 1978 so I have been at this for 30 years now.

    Many moons ago I was a CB (11 meter) operator and I made friends with a local CB op who was also a ham. One day we met and is now my best friend (Chris - WA2ZDY) and went over to another local hams house. Went into the basement and the guy had a mint Collins "S" Line and we were listening to 20 SSB.


    I got a study manual and learned the code and a few short months later I became WD2AHD. I lost track of the guy with the S line but Chris and I are still very good friends.

    So that is my story as simple as it is.

    I am also proud to say that my son Dave (KC2SIS) became a ham several months ago. He really surprised me when he said he was ready to take the Tech exam so I found the next session and he is now licensed. I never pushed Dave into radio, I let his natural curiosity takes it's time and deep down I knew that one day he would take the test. I am so happy that he did and I'm looking forward to him upgrading to General so I can help him set up a station so we can chew the fat on 75 meters.

    Dave has always made me very proud of him. He is an outstanding musician, I don't say that as a Father but as a semi-pro musician myself. Dave can figure out by ear some guitar parts that I wouldn't attempt even though I'm a Bass player, he is going to make it big some day.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 8, 2008
  8. K0DXC

    K0DXC Ham Member QRZ Page

    he's in Kansas
  9. KL7AJ

    KL7AJ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    It was a cold and rainy night......

    No, actually, it was a sunny Silicon Valley day...back when it was still Vacuum Tube Valley.

    My brother had gotten an all-in-one electronics experimenter's was a yellow cardboard thing with some kind of octal triode in the middle and a bunch of Fahnstock clips. You could wire up different circuits with the clips and a few wires and other components. One of these was a regenerative receiver, which really worked pretty well. A little bit after that, we put together a phono oscillator from the kit, and broadcast our wit and wisdom to our neighbors' radios.

    We moved into a new house not far away, and someone had left behind a ship-to-shore radio, built into a wall console. We listened to some morse code on the thing, back when VLF ship-to-shore was all over the place.

    We built a succession of crystal radios, a pair of Channel 14 walkie-talkies, (complete with highly stable superregenerative front ends.....NOT!) My brother eventually veered off into model planes and such, while I remained in electronics. There always seemed to be a few hams in every neighborhood we lived in, so I always knew what it was, but didn't get my license till the summer after I graduated High School.

    And here I am.
  10. KU0DM

    KU0DM Guest

    Kansas, EM28.

    Sorry, for the slow reply. Haven't read the forum till just now.
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