How can I clear the WSJT-X Startup Message

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by W4ATX, Jan 6, 2019.

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  1. K3SZ

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  2. VE3CGA

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    Thats great, did you make it do an <enter> after loading or something else
    I looked for something in a batch program to follow a load with an <enter> but never found it
    you are braver than I am, found some scripting programs but too afraid of messing up my win7 PC installing them
    Played with VBasic years ago. There were things you could do by moving the mouse over or off an icon or by a click press or release
  3. K3SZ

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    Some more details are in the link I posted. There will be a bunch of ways to accomplish this but I went with a solution I figured I could tackle. I made a 20kb executable file out of it but my dedicated ham radio PC runs XP; therefore, it is untested on newer versions of Windows.
  4. VE3CGA

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    thanks, very clever.

    I would be willing to try it on my laptop.
    Vbasic might still be installed on the old xp drive.
    I could compile it there and then swap out the drive for the win7 32bit drive and try it

    this dell tower PC uses win7 64bit
  5. K3SZ

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    I did this in VB6 -- a really old version of VB. So much has changed between that and the current version of Visual Studio, I can't keep up.

    If you want the source code to compile it, I can send it to you on the e-mail listed on your Bio page. There's not much to it and there is one thing I didn't figure out because if I did, the source code would be about two-thirds shorter.
  6. VE3CGA

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    hey that would be great, I'll check that email later.
    Did quite a bit of qbasic for work years ago, found a complete vbasic3.0 package at a used goods store - made 2 simple programs.
    Thought it would be really cool to move an automatic test program over to visual, just couldnt get the hang of containers and events.
    Tried VB again a few years ago, I had some ideas to use the com port to get display some data from a processor projects for work but ended changing jobs for more $$$. Maybe now that I'm retired I can put some undivided time into it.
    thanks, Bob

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