How big was 2019 Hamcation? Reports wanted!

Discussion in 'Hamfest Reports' started by N1VAU, Feb 15, 2019.

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  1. N1VAU

    N1VAU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm looking for the 2019 Hamcation report from some of the attendees.

    How many people?

    How big was the tailgating area?

    What's your opinion on Hamcation becoming the biggest ham event in the USA?

    Please share your experiences with us!
  2. W9GB

    W9GB Ham Member QRZ Page

    YOU TUBE .... Look for Yourself. Just Search on YouTube.

  3. N1VAU

    N1VAU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I've watched the videos but I still feel empty inside because of the lack of human response. Kinda like FT-8 :)
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  4. KS2G

    KS2G Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Have never attended Hamcation, but historically its attendance runs about 5K behind Dayton Hamvention.

    That's a lot of ground to make up. ;)
  5. KC2PMM

    KC2PMM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    OK, 5k behind Dayton? That's a joke, right? I'd say it's bigger than Boxboro, bigger than NEAR fest but not by much, and more along the lines of a large Susssex.
    Look, I walk 18,000 steps a day at Dayton. Easy. At Hamcation, I didn't break 10,000 on any of the 3 days. The tailgate area I did in about 3 or 4 hours, Dayton takes 2 days. The first day to scan everything and the second day to go back and barter.
    They got a LONG way to go to call themselves a Dayton.
    That being said, the first day was exciting and fun, the second day was spent mostly in the swaps building, watching demonstrations, and tailgate area, and it rained all the last day. So the rain put a damper on things, of course.
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  6. N1VAU

    N1VAU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    THANK YOU!!!!!
    Good intel from boots on the ground.
    That's the exact kind of report I was looking for.
  7. KC2PMM

    KC2PMM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I will probably go again. Gets me out of the snowbanks for a few days, right?
    I want to check out Huntsville some year also. I hear that's also a large hamfest. SEATAC? on the west coast some day also. Just to say I did it.
    Guy, KC2PMM
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  8. N1VAU

    N1VAU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Good excuse to travel!
  9. G6GIY

    G6GIY Ham Member QRZ Page

    I went to Hamcation for the 4th time this year and the crowd seemed a bit down, but it is a more enjoyable event than Dayton which I have been to ten times. For overseas visitors travel is much easier and reliable than Dayton . Accommodation is easy to find even with a late decision to attend. Car parking is great at Hamcation but the latest food providers at Dayton have the edge over the Orlando event.
    The tailgating area is smaller than Dayton but it has stayed the same over the years. Daytons tailgate traders have shrunk by 40- 50% over the last few years . I look for specific rare items so I get round Dayton in around 30-40 minutes for my first scan . It took a similar length of time at Orlando as they have a shed full of fleamarket traders as well as the tailgaters.
    I find the interior lighting better at Orlando .
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  10. WW4DX

    WW4DX Ham Member QRZ Page

    You must have visited a different Hamcation than I did. Crowd was larger than last year, and the tailgate section was much larger than last year as well. This show is getting better each year...
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019

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