Hobbyist radio magazine 1960-2003, scanned & online

Discussion in 'Amplitude Modulation' started by WA3VJB, Sep 30, 2016.

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  1. K4KYV

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    Laboriously re-typing the material on a keyboard might discourage others from reproducing the material, but it would take only a flat-bed scanner and a few mouse clicks to scan the original magazine pages with OCR software and save the material as a plain text document. It would still require proof-reading and error correction, since even modern sophisticated OCR software is not 100% perfect, but that is still far less labor intensive than manually typing out multiple pages of text.
  2. K4RT

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    A copyright is created when the work is created but only to the extent of what is original to the author, artist, etc. Copyright notice is an integral part of protecting a copyright and registration with the copyright office establishes presumptive notice of a copyright. Copyright laws have changed in recent years, but when I was involved in copyright work registration was required before the owner could sue for infringement in a U.S. district court. I have not reviewed the 73 magazine issues so I don't know what notice - if any - was given for articles that were printed in the magazine.
  3. K9STH

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    The copyright notice, contained in the 73 Magazine issues, is very brief. All that is posted is:

    "The entire contents (copyright symbol and the year) by 73 Magazine. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher, which is not all that difficult to get."

    However, in at least situations concerning articles that I had written, the magazine forwarded the request to me for my approval because they did not own the copyright. The person, who requested the permission to reproduce, was informed, by letter, that the final approval had to come from me.

    If the request was from someone like a local club newsletter editor who wanted to include the article in the publication, I always gave my approval. But, if the publication was intended to produce a profit for that person, then I always stated that my permission would be granted only if I were paid for the usage. For some "strange" reason, I never heard anything back from the person! I sincerely believe that some people actually believe that they can profit from the efforts of others without sharing any of those profits!

    My 6146 article was originally published in 73 Magazine and has been reproduced in publications such as Electric Radio, the Collins Signal Magazine, several European national amateur radio organization magazines / newsletters, and I have no idea as to how many local club newsletters. If you do a "Google" concerning the 6146 family of tubes, you will see that the article is "all over" the Internet appearing on numerous sites not all of which got actual permission to use the article. However, since, as far as I know, none of the sites are charging for the information, I have no problem with the article appearing on the website even though, technically, they have not complied with all the provisions that I require as posted on my website.

    Then, there are all of the "offshore" Internet sources. Even though virtually every country, in the world, is signatory to the Berne Convention, there are an awful lot of those countries that don't even think of enforcing copyrights and there are even some countries that profit from illegal use of copyrighted material. As such, when some copyrighted material makes it onto an Internet site that originates in one of these countries, there is no practical way to ever rein in the material and ever really enforce the copyright again.

    Glen, K9STH
  4. N2EY

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    Good to know Joe is active! Great guy.

    archive.org has incredible stuff - the trick is finding it.
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  5. N6YW

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    Yes indeed.
    We are freinds on Facebook but I never see him post anything.
    He has quite the radio collection!
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  6. N2EY

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    Joe lives not too far from me and we cross paths every so often.

    On K5BCQ's HBR website


    there are pictures of a homebrew receiver Joe submitted (items 186-190 in the picture list).

    I owned that receiver for several years - got it at a hamfest. I believe it was actually built by W3QLV/W3MT. I sold it and somehow it wound up with Joe. It is a unique design and worked very well.
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  7. WA3VJB

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    IBX has been known for years as "Vortex Joe," because of the peculiar phenomenon that radios swirl toward him from near and afar. Scientists have failed to explain the energy field that causes this effect.
  8. N2DTS

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    There is a massive black hole in his basement.
    An FT101 escaped for a short time but after a new regulator board was fit, it got sucked back in.
    Nothing escapes. Many old tubes and transformers were sucked out of my basement into his....
  9. K4KYV

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    If it's like the black hole in my shack, stuff gets sucked in, vanishes off the face of the earth never to be seen again. I've had some pretty sizeable items to disappear that I know I never removed from the shack, and that I also know wouldn't be worth enough to anyone else to steal.
  10. W2VW

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    Something to do with old Chryslers.

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