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Hi fidelity SSB bandwith

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by K1VSK, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. AB0WR

    AB0WR Ham Member QRZ Page

    No, this was just a way to get the quietest parts of a the audio above the built-in tape "hiss".

    Tape has a limited dynamic range so you can't just amplify passages with a large dynamic range so the quietest parts are above the hiss level. You have to be selective in what you do.

    All kinds of compress/decompress and preemphasis/deemphasis schemes evolved to do this.

    Think of it kind of like the midnight position on your home theater receiver that lets you hear the whispers on TV without the loud passages waking up your wife! The only difference is that these schemes had both an encoder in the recorder and a decoder in the playback unit.

    tim ab0wr
  2. N6WK

    N6WK Guest

    Well, After being told, here in this thread, that the problem I was having with ESSB signals, was because of my TS-2000 rig was not good enough, I went out and purchased a brand new FT-2000 and a Nice used TS-870S.
    Now , I am proud to say, I am telling some ESSB users that they do in fact have "HORRIBLE " signals and the good news is, they are correcting them.
    So, all this time, I was correct when I stated that there are many Horrible ESSB stations out there.
    Boy, I sure do feel better that I spent $ 3500.00 to prove I was right all along!
    Of course, the fact that I now have 3 more great rigs doesn't hurt either. hi hi...
    It's good to be me ! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  3. N6WK

    N6WK Guest

    WTF ??
    Does that stand for "World Trade Forum?

    I know it can't mean cussing of some sort......

  4. K3VR

    K3VR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Gordon, were they really ESSB stations (more than 3,000 Hz wide) or were they guys with narrower bandwidth boosting bass and treble to obnoxious levels?

    WTF -- world tree foundation?
  5. N6WK

    N6WK Guest

    Some of BOTH!

    I did not know that WTF stood for world tree foundation? ...
    Cool !!

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