Henry Radio TEMPO one discussion... stories? Looking for ads

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by W7UUU, Apr 29, 2018.

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  1. W7UUU

    W7UUU QRZ Lifetime Member #133 Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    My latest really cool fun radio to put into regular rotation soon, the Henry Radio "TEMPOone" HF transceiver. Thanks to Terry @W1TSM I got a good deal on a really nice "Black Front" Tempo One transceiver. Super nice condition, and works well on all bands (Non WARC of course, and only 1 segment of 10m as was originally supplied). Came with the power supply / speaker and the original hand mic. Of course, in Japan and other parts of the world, it was called a Yaesu FT-200 and the Sommerkamp FT-250 in Germany. There were other variants, but all were made in Japan by Yaesu and private labeled from there.

    CW operation is my primary interest - and this is a very odd duck with that mode!! :) Once I figured out the way to get it to cooperate, all is good. But it doesn't like to go back and forth from SSB to CW/AM. Very unusual in how they implemented things. And of course, no CW filter option - audio filter is the best option if you want to keep SSB as a mode - this could be a great rig to convert to "CW Only" but I don't want to do that.

    I wanted one of these like crazy as a Novice in 1975 and General in 1976.... seems "all the cool kids" had one - they were wall-to-wall on the bands at the time.

    It's the "last rig" of my youth I've only now acquired to put on the air. It will soon hit the main operating position on the 8-port "Main Radios Patch Bay"

    Anyone have Tempo One stories? Does anyone happen to have an original print ad or brochure? (I have the manual but would love to have the original ads)

    Fun stuff!!


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  2. N2EY

    N2EY Ham Member QRZ Page

    I used one on Field Day 1976 and thought it was pretty good....and it is, for its time and price.

    Some time back I got a good deal on one....and discovered how odd it is. Mine needed work and I may sell it before I put more into it.

    Before you use yours....there is a capacitor that MUST be changed, if it hasn't been done already. It's the cap between the driver plate and final grids. This cap is rated 500 volts and it should be 1000 volts. If it fails, you get 300 volts B+ on the final grids and they will be destroyed in seconds.

    Lots more...

    73 de Jim, N2EY
  3. W7UUU

    W7UUU QRZ Lifetime Member #133 Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes - I've read about that cap. Seems to me there was a second one as well. I will change both (assuming it really is two - one on each final tube?) if they have not already been changed. Just need to dig into that. Going to check all the tubes as well - I happen to have a number of NOS finals for it.

    Very odd CW implementation!

  4. N2EY

    N2EY Ham Member QRZ Page

    The other cap is the cathode bypass of the audio output stage. If it shorts you have no bias, excessive plate current and a toasted output transformer.

    The CW implementation is.....ingenious, but dumb.

    One of the carrier crystals is "pulled" a few hundred Hz with a diode-switched capacitor so that it is just inside the IF filter passband. To get the right BFO pitch on receive, the RIT is intentionally offset.

    They did all that to avoid buying 1 crystal.

    73 de Jim, N2EY
  5. W7UUU

    W7UUU QRZ Lifetime Member #133 Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Wow... pretty amazing. Yes, in the manual they describe that whole process. In the "CW Operation" section they in fact recommend tuning with RIT on CW copy once you have the signal you are calling centered on the VFO.

    Should be challenging but fun to get it on the air soon on CW, as soon as I update the under-rated capacitors

    You're always a wealth of info on these old rigs, Jim... appreciate it

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  6. K3XR

    K3XR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Owned one when they were new the silver faced model used it often with a Yaesu FTV 650 6 mtr transverter which worked out very well on that band.
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  7. N2EY

    N2EY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Be aware that there are several versions besides the obvious silver and black panel ones, and that you can't assume the schematic you have is 100% accurate.
  8. W7UUU

    W7UUU QRZ Lifetime Member #133 Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Absolutely. There was the QRP version with 10-watts output ("S" suffix, with single sweep tube final and different power supply), the FT-250 version sold in Europe, etc.

    But the manual I got with mine has the actual serial number of the radio! How rare is that? :) With full-page schematic.

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  9. K3XR

    K3XR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Did not see it mentioned assume you know the Tempo One was imported by Henry Radio in CA.

    Also had a Tempo 2020 which as I recall was made by Uniden was a real nice radio not sure if Henry Radio imported it or not would need to do some research or some here may recall.
  10. W7UUU

    W7UUU QRZ Lifetime Member #133 Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Oh, yes of course. Henry Radio was a true "mover and shaker" back in their day.

    In fact, the ads I'm looking for would be the Henry Radio ads, not the Yaesu or German / European Sommerkamp ads (that was called FT-250 but still same radio). Or any of the variants (FT-200S QRP version, etc.) Just the private-labeled Henry Radio version that is what I have sitting in the shack right now :)

    I do remember the 2020 in vague terms - but it never moved me like the "black face" TEMPOone from Henry Radio

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