Help with UR5EQF Logging Program

Discussion in 'Community Help Center' started by EI3FW, Oct 17, 2009.

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  1. EI3FW

    EI3FW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Folks,
    I've download and tried UR5EQF Log 3.7.
    Looks great but have a few questions:
    1. Sometimes it doesn't seem to find my radio (an IC706mk2)
    2. It seems to only logs one time for QSO. I prefer to log start & end times.

    I would contact UR5EQF but can't read Russian :mad: & can't find an email address.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. N2HO

    N2HO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Craig,
    I'm fluent in Russian and will translate your questions on Russian UR5EQF forum ( it was posted here, that's how I found out about your question
    I'm using this log and translated to English a help file, but it was for versions 2.xx. I could email it to you if you don't have it.
    As far as I know most of the stuff remained the same for ver.3.xx.
    I can't answer your question about the radio connection problem. As far as I know you could only enter starting TIME for the QSO.
    George, N2HO

    P.S. Questions translated and posted to Russian UR5EQF forum, so far no answers to your question, as soon as I read something, I'll post here the translation.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2009
  3. EI3FW

    EI3FW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi George,
    Thanks for that - any help appreciated. Like the look & feel of the program but the start time only is a bit of an issue.
    Don't have any help file so the V2.xx one would help - my email address is on QRZ.
    Thanks again

    PS: Radio issue seems OK now. Trick here is to start software then switch on radio. UR5EQF finds it everytime now.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2009
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