help with noise

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by KE0YRP, Dec 11, 2019.

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  1. WB2WIK

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    Putting ferrites on power cords that are very low impedance usually doesn't do much, if anything.

    Choking is easier where the line is already a reasonably high impedance, which generally means it's not carrying any serious current.

    I agree: Find the RFI source by running your rig on a battery (a pair of 6V "lantern batteries" in series are cheap and provide sufficient power to run the receiver for a long time -- you don't need to transmit!) and shut the AC MAIN breaker to your home OFF to cut off power to everything in the house and see if that makes a difference. It's a 15-second experiment. If it does drop the noise level, then you are the source!

    Remember "turning off" many appliances without literally killing the power to them doesn't really turn them off. Anything that has a remote control, for example, is always actually "on," it's just in "standby." But it's not OFF. Computers are the same. You can turn off power to a laptop or tablet or whatever, but it's still really standing by and the RFI created by the charger/power supply remains.

    Still...indoor antennas are the absolute worst for this -- by far. "Distance" is your friend when it comes to antenna location and RFI mitigation. If there's any possible way for you to relocate your antenna "completely outside," and preferably above your roof to be above all the local RFI sources, that can make an absolutely huge difference.
  2. KE0YRP

    KE0YRP Ham Member QRZ Page

    sorry guys. i need to figure out how to get email alerts on posts. anyway, I got my license today! KE0YRP I've made 2 QSOs already

    I figured out the noise is my desktop computer. I'm going to try to swap out the power supply. I also ordered a Ventenna. That will get the antenna high up and away from inside RF while hiding from HOA.

    In the meantime, I'm using a roll up j pole in my shack / office. every time i key up, it blows out my computer speakers. so i have to keep unplugging them. hopefully the ventenna solves that issue.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. this looks like a really good community.
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  3. N0TZU

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    Congratulations on getting your license!
  4. KF5LJW

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    Glad you found your problem. Here is a little wisdom and experience for you to learn. The reason everyone knew the noise source was most likely self inflected is because of the operating frequency. At VHF and higher RFI is not as big of problem as HF, and the sources are generally different. Example HF can be noisy to the point of almost unusable from a thunderstorm 500 miles away. Not squat you can do about it OTOH VHF and UHF RFI is usually generated by electronic man-made gizmos and gadgets. Typically it does not propagate far from the source. So next time if Heads on a coin was "self inflected, and Tails is "elsewhere. Bet on Heads every time. You will win more times than you loose.
  5. K8JD

    K8JD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Squelch Noise ?
    Just a thought, The picture shows the radio in FM mode. All the FM comunication radios I ever had , generate "squelch noise" , random white noise when there is no IF signal reaching the detector. Add a carrier and the noise is muted, the stronger the signal the less noise until you reach "Full Quieting" with a STRONG signal.
    Just wondering, you mentioned turning up the Squelch control, We all do that to listen to an FM channel !!
    In other modes there is QUIET when there is NO Signal. glad you had some success in finding a noise source ~~

    Congrats on the new license, as you progress and some day get on the HF bands, and maybe even start learning Morse, then we may meet on the air "
    Have Fun ;)
  6. KE0YRP

    KE0YRP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you guys. I need to figure out how to change my screen name to my call sign, now that I have one.
    But, I made another post about that, so we'll see what happens.
    Thanks again

  7. KS4W

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  8. KE0YRP

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