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Help with moving to Windows 10 Home from Pro

Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by N0JZQ, Jul 19, 2021.

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  1. N0JZQ

    N0JZQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I bought a used computer (ASUS). I bought a product key at Office Depot for Win 10 Home. The computer has Win 10 Pro which won't let me downgrade after trying to install Win 10 Home and using the product key from Office Depot.

    I try to download Win 10 Home but it keeps installing the Pro version. It has been useless trying to get help from Microsoft. Trying to do the right thing.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. W5UAA

    W5UAA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ya, Hal doesn't like you going near its main circuit breaker. "What are you doing, Dave?"

    Try installing Win 10 Home from a bootable CD/DVD that you downloaded and burned before you try this.

    Are you familiar with any way to zero out/wipe your hard drive? That may clear the virus known as Windows 10 Pro. Just zeroing out the boot block isn't good enough any more.

    One way I've had good luck with is to use a live version of Linux. Once booted, get into the terminal with root permission and type something like this:

    # dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda bs=512 status=progress

    Make backups of data you don't want to lose first! This will fill your hard drive with random data. All data will be GONE.

    (...most likely /dev/sda if there's only one hard drive in this computer.)

    bs (Block Size) is 512 on old hard drives. 4096 on new drives. Change it to "1M" to speed things up a bit if you're not worried about absolute security.

    "status=progress" will give you an idea of how much longer it will take.

    My guess is that in a few more years, even this won't work to turn Hal off. But it should still work today.
  3. N5AF

    N5AF Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Just curious, why would you want to downgrade to Windows 10 Home if you already have a machine licensed for Win 10 Pro? As long as the used machine isn't stolen, you should be fine.

    Pro is the better version. Functionally you won't notice much difference for general use, if anything.
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  4. KA8NCR

    KA8NCR Ham Member QRZ Page

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  5. G8FXC

    G8FXC XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Exactly... There is not much in Pro that is of much use to us, but there is no reason to actively remove it.

    Martin (G8FXC)
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  6. WA9SVD

    WA9SVD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Quite simply, the computer recognized ONLY the Win 10 Pro li9cense key, and the license keys for Home and Pro are NOT interchangeable.
    But why are you trying to "downgrade?" I would RETURN the Win 10 Home key for a refund, and re-install an ISO image of Win 10 Pro from the Microsoft web site, which would "erase" any "idiosyncrasies" already on the machine; you would simply be starting out from what is the equivalent of a factory fresh machine, but with the LATEST version of Win 10 Pro, using the license key (more likely, a digital license?) already on/in the machine.
  7. K7MEM

    K7MEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I guess that I have the same question as everyone else. Why don't you just work with W10 Pro?

    W10 "Home" doesn't really provide you with more utilities or applications to use in the "Home". If your looking for something like MS Office (now known as Office 365), you still have to purchase it separately. I have an old copy of Office 2007 that still works on all my PCs. But that's installed separately from the OS. Pretty much, anything really useful is installed separately.

    W10 "Pro" just provides you with a little more control over the operating system. All my systems are W10 Home, so I'm not familiar with the Pro capabilities that are beyond Home. But users seem to like it better.
  8. W5UAA

    W5UAA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm not sure it that would "erase" everything. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure the UID associated with that Win 10 Pro machine would associate the new user with *everything* the previous user(s) did on that machine. And there are some things people do on computers I wouldn't want to be associated with.

    Plus, the difference between Home and Pro have to do with joining an Active Directory network. If you're not going to be part of an AD network, there's no need to have the stuff needed to join an AD network.

    With a new Win 10 Home key, he would start with a "factory fresh" install. In this case, it's not only the right thing, it's the safe thing.
  9. WA9SVD

    WA9SVD Ham Member QRZ Page

    If the machine has a (legitimate) Win 10 Pro license, an "ISO" install WILL be the same as a "factory fresh" install, (except perhaps, needing some additional drivers.) There's nothing "right" or "wrong" about it. The Win 10 Home license key is entirely unnecessary. If he's so paranoid, a new 1 GB hard drive is less expen$ive than Win 10 Home..
  10. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    My Guess is that Microsoft has Windows 10 Pro screwed up just as much as 10 Home now a days. o_O

    If I was going backwards with Windows, Then Win 7 Pro would be my choice. Microsoft is about done screwing Win 7 up with needless updates.

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