Help other hams! Earn CASH, radio gear, discounts, and more!

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by KI4KWR, Feb 14, 2019.

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  1. KI4KWR

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    Are you passionate about amateur radio? Do you like helping people get into the hobby? Earn cash, products, trips, discounts and inside access to the industry while helping others pick out the right gear for the hobby. We are looking for experienced hams to join the GigaParts team – helping hams from the comfort and convenience of your own computer, any time you're available!
    Click here to apply.

    Hurry! We have a limited number of openings.

    More information regarding this opportunity:

    * Is this a part time job?
    No. It isn't a job, it's more of an extension of the hobby -- something to do in your spare time, whenever it's convenient for you. There are no set schedules and you can chat whenever you want.

    * What's in it for me?
    Just for showing up and getting high customer satisfaction scores, you'll earn employee discounts, demo equipment, swag and participation in drawings for trips, cash, and prizes. This opportunity is mostly about helping, not selling, but if you help a customer complete a purchase, you'll earn points that can be redeemed for ACTUAL cash or merchandise. Plus, earning some side money while chatting about your favorite hobby isn’t that bad of a deal!

    * What are you looking for in the ideal candidate?

    Our ideal Expert is experienced in ham radio and is really good at being able to use online resources for answering tough questions. They are genuine, helpful, patient, and skilled at asking good questions to uncover the customer’s needs quickly. Typing 30+ words per minute is almost a necessity. The ideal applicant works well as part of a team, and will enjoy competition on metrics like customer service ratings. Learning about new products before they are released to the general public and getting to borrow an expensive HF rig for a month is a significant benefit to you, if you’re the right person for this position.

    * Can I participate in the evenings?

    Any time of day actually! We have customers on our website 24x7 and many of them are new to ham radio and need help choosing the right equipment. If you're available at 1am, you can bet there's somebody looking at the new Yaesu FT-991A and wondering if they actually need an external auto-tuner for their G5RV. If 1am is a convenient time for you to chat online and you know the answer to that question, you're probably a good fit!

    * It seems kind of odd to have non-employees helping customers – doesn’t GigaParts risk losing customers due to poor service?
    Superior customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We've had experts from the ham community helping our customers for nearly a year and the results have exceeded our expectations.

    With this program we are trying to do something new -- combine the knowledge of the community with the speed of the internet.We have a few more positions open, so if you think you'd enjoy the satisfaction of helping other hams in a highly motivated and highly skilled team, along with the perks associated with participation, Click here to apply.
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