Help in getting the Shortwave Station.

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Can I count on your help?

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  1. SQ7FZS

    SQ7FZS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am asking you, people of good will for help in getting the Shortwave Station. At the same time, I am asking you to share this post.

    but at the same time I want to emphasize that it does not have to be only financial support, welcome support in equipment used in good condition, which with pleasure I will take in from people who have such equipment on sale.

    A shortwave radio station will serve my health rehabilitation (moderate depression), these states are the result of my past. I will not hide that I am a sober alcoholic, where I have not been drinking for several years and now I need your help to be able to live a longer life in sobriety.

    The Shortwave Station will also help to maintain ties and contacts with other amateur radio players and help to promote our wonderful city in the world and a great shortwave hobby in the middle of society.

    I have been thinking about this form of helping people of good will for a long time because how can you believe the alcoholic!

    Due to the low incomes due to invalidity pension (PLN 740 net) and my illness (it was after two heavy operations on the pancreas where I was removed 1/4 and serious back problems that disqualify me to take up work, while the state of health does not allow I am not able to purchase the above radio station from my own funds as well as no bank will give me a loan due to low income, of course I also asked PFRON where I did not receive a clear positive answer. category I (first) which allows me to broadcast on all amateur frequencies.

    The Shortwave Station can help me not only to conduct amateur communications, but also to help those in need of help as part of the Amateur Rescue Network, and in the future can help Scout Communication Clubs to develop a shortwave hobby.

    In the era of mobile phones and the Internet, this type of communication is not unreliable, especially in areas where there is no range of telephone relays. Practically, you can communicate from anywhere in the world using large batteries and nozzles.

    The above video shows how you can help in crisis situations.

    PAYMENTS CAN BE PERFORMED (on my name and surname) VIA

    In the payment title, please write "Purchase of the Shortwave Station"

    I thank you in advance for your help in obtaining the Radiostation.
  2. SQ7FZS

    SQ7FZS Ham Member QRZ Page

  3. WG7X

    WG7X Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    OH, my!
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