Help getting fldigi installed on linux-ubuntu

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by AB7RU, Jul 31, 2019.

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  1. AB7RU

    AB7RU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey ham community!
    I am trying to install fldigi on a linux install that I have running on a chromebook, and am following these instructions as given on W1HKJ's site at

    Installing on Ubuntu using Kamal's PPA on "launchpad"

    Open a terminal window
    Enter the following set of commands (the $ is the command line prompt).
    $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kamalmostafa/fldigi
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install fldigi
    With the first sudo statement (in bold), I get the message "sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found."
    I was able to install WSJT-X just now, and it installed fine from the terminal. So not sure what I am doing wrong. Thanks if anyone has any thoughts on that!
    Mike AB7RU
  2. K6CLS

    K6CLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    the command add-apt-repository simply edits the file /etc/apt/sources.list to tell apt to also look for packages from the new repo, You can edit that file manually, that's the intermediate linux class.

    what version of linux do you have on the chromebook? does it use Debian "apt" package management? I don't know why add-apt-repository command is missing.

    on my ubuntu linux systems I was able to install a recent enough version of fldigi, without add-apt-repository; the linux distributions had nearly up to date fldigi,.

    can you try the last two commands:
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install fldigi

    and tell us what happens. You may get a recent enough version of fldigi to make you happy,

    not so with WSJT-X!! did you look at the version that it installed? You might have gotten version 1.9 or something - if you don't have version 2.1 then your FT8 and MSK144 are incompatible and it is missing FT4....

    I had to hack the .deb package to get 2.1 to install on Ubuntu 19.04, clumsy package construction, conflicting and missing library versions, gah, That's the expert linux class. All working now.
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  3. K6CLS

    K6CLS Ham Member QRZ Page

  4. AB7RU

    AB7RU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you! I used those two lines and fldigi installed fine! I haven't yet tried to hook the chromebook to the radio yet, that will be the next hurdle.
    As for the version of linux it was a download using some program called crouton that allows linux to run side by side with the chrome OS (this is the first chromebook I have ever played around with for ham radio purposes).
    I am a total newbie at anything linux related, trying to learn enough to get some ham software running is about all I am trying to do with it at the moment. So far so good. As for the version of WSJT-X it is v1.1 ! So yeah a little out of date hihi... I was surprised it would even launch then being so ancient! So... it sounds like getting the current version of wsjt-x installed on linux is a little more complicated. I will research it more.
    Appreciate your help, 73's AB7RU

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