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Discussion in 'The YL Zone' started by MW7CVT, Dec 30, 2019.

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  1. MW7CVT

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    My name is Cath and I'm from Wales in the UK. I only got my licence on the 23rd of December after passing my intermediate exam on the 16th of December.

    I met my husband through the CB back in 1995, then he started on Amateur Radio back in 1997 (I think). I was never interested as I had other hobbies and we just got married, so I was busy with our new house etc.

    The past twelve months my husband has been getting more involved with his local amateur radio group and became friends with some of the men there. I then met one of the wives and we are now best friends, txting each other numerous times a day. Back in the Summer there were some problems with the group and I was volunteered to take over the role of Treasurer of the group as I'm a qualified book-keeper. I eventually agreed and was voted in.

    It was then hinted at by my husband and his friend and my new best friend that I should take the exam, after some badgering I agreed and around 2 months ago I began the course. I passed my exam on the 16th of December and got my callsign MW7CVT on the 23rd of December.

    After a few qso's on 2m, I decided to try 40m, and much preferred dx'ing on that as I liked meeting people all over the world. As you can see from my bio I have been quite busy over Christmas using my husbands radio whilst he's been at work.

    There are only 2 yl's in Anglesey where I live, and we both sat the course and exam together, but I have noticed that 99% of my contacts are men. I'd love to hear from some yl's.

    Best wishes from Wales

  2. KC9ZHV

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    Hello and welcome to the hobby!! :) I am KC9ZHV Loren here in Southern IL.

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