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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by KC8GL, Jun 13, 2019.

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  1. KC8GL

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    Used ( very gently used ) Heil HC-5 Headset with the Yaesu/TenTec AND Icom adapters.

    This headset has been sitting in a ziploc bag along with the adapters and is doing nothing but gathering dust (well it's not really gathering dust if it's in a ziploc bag now is it) sitting in my desk in the shack.

    I'll even throw in free shipping to the The United States of America (god, I love the sound of The United States of America; it has the sound of freedom ringing so loudly that if you pause while in the middle of your QSO you can hear it through the headset.)

    I want a nice "no-haggle" purchase and the price is $160.00 USD (sorry no BitCoin or crypto's accepted) and you can pay me via PayPal by clicking on the link in this advert right here →

    I'll ship it USPS Flat Rate Mail with tracking number and I'll even throw in the shipping boxes and the tracking number for absolutely NO EXTRA CHARGE!!

    It works as it did the day it came out of the box with the HC-5 element originally installed from the factory. No mods, or anything; a totally stock headset from Heil.

    As an extra bonus, I'll even throw in the ziploc plastic bags for free. qsl card.jpg

    PayPal only please.


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  2. KC8GL

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    For questions, please use email address listed in - TNX and 73 de KC8GL
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  3. W2ZMZ

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    I just have one question. Can you become verified first? I really want it but I also want to be safe. Thank you!
  4. KC8GL

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    Well, I did it. I'm verified - but it will take two to three days even after I sent my code into QRZ via SMS text. BUT FWIW, I sell A LOT of product here:
    So have a nice day!
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  5. KC8GL

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  6. KC8GL

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    Thank you. But I’ve been “VERIFIED” for over 44 years. - sorry you missed out on an excellent purchase.
    73 de KC8GL - a “verified” paid subscriber, Advanced Class operator, and all around great guy. ( according to me and a multitude of Amateur Radio ops going back to logs kept on paper) - sometimes you have to make a decision, which you did. The roads of America are littered with flattened squirrels who couldn’t make a decision.
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