Heathkit relay mod update,thanks to N2EY,W5RKL,AC0OB

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by KB1FGC, Oct 20, 2021.

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    Thanks to the hams who have helped me on this forum regarding my heathkit DX60.My relay for the function switch which wasn't turning on before works as it should.The good new is,the 330Uf capacitor seems to be the correct capacitance. The bad news is,The rig seems to have an issue.When I put it on the dim bulb tester the light seems to light up and turns off pulsing on and off.I may check my wiring but I have been over this 2 months ago.I checked all my wiring so it would have to be looked at. I was just concerned about one thing, Pheel AC0OB told me to consider adding an in rush resister between my diode and the plus side of my capacitor. I accidentally added it between Pin 4 of V4 and the anode of the diode instead.I don't see that being the issue but wondering if it could be the problem.
    Here is my schematic.At least the relay finally works.

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