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Caution Heaithkit SB-200

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by W8TRU, Jan 11, 2017.

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    1. W8TRU

      W8TRU Ham Member QRZ Page

      SB-200 in good working order on 80 m 75 w in 500 w out , 20 meter 75w in 1000 out as it is a older piece it has some cosmetic flaws but not bad great old work horse would like 450 shipping included. its not new no warranted will pack tubs separately will work as it should. ship in lower 48 will sell for les if picked up. flint mi W8TRU 73
    2. KN7S

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    3. KJ4PF

      KJ4PF Ham Member QRZ Page

      1000 watts OUTPUT..on a pair of 572B's? Impossible! (Fact, I don't even think you could do a Kw input-tubes would melt.)
      Better check your specifications. That being said, IF the power transformer is OK, it's a good price for a 200.
      And..that's quite a NICE shack for being in the hobby for 6+ months. You did quite well. (Good Elmer?)
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    4. W8TRU

      W8TRU Ham Member QRZ Page

      going by the meter I run a s b 200 on my hf and love it and would be glad to show you the out put it loves talking on 20 m it does 1000 and the meter is accurate. any ways realy don't have a Elmer cpl of friends do a lot of reading lol
    5. K6BRN

      K6BRN XML Subscriber QRZ Page

      1,000W out of an SB-200? Not in this universe. Time to get a decent power meter, or use the one you have with a good dummy load to improve accuracy.

      The SB-200 power supply does not support 1000W out, let alone the tubes (which are only rated at 320W plate dissipation for the pair - less than a single 3-500Z). The SB-200 is rated at 1,000 watts CW INPUT (~50% duty cycle) to the tubes, 1,200W SSB peak, to its two T160L/572B tubes and will put out from 500W to mid-600's, depending on band and state of tune. At full sustained output, the tube envelopes will soften and sag after a relatively short time at full power, making this amp less than ideal for RTTY, etc.. I recently rebuilt one whose owner did exactly this. Have to say, the original tubes are a little like an "Art Glass" exhibit, now. Rebuilt with NOS Cetrons and a new band switch wafer (original was vaporized), it makes about 505W on 10M and 665W on 20M, which are its worst and best performances, respectively. Scan other posts - 500-600 watts out or so are normal for an SB-200.

      Brian - K6BRN
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