HC-4 or HC-5?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by Guest, Jan 12, 2003.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am going to get a GM-4 from HEIL. What shall I get a HC-4 or a HC-5? I am looking for the most quality and best sounding audio not high drive. So what shall I get, any one have both and care for one more? TNX DE KD5OHW, Mike, Age: 15.
  2. KD5SCG

    KD5SCG Ham Member QRZ Page

    you should get the hc-5, this provides better audio in a/b tests
  3. KB0VK

    KB0VK Ham Member QRZ Page

    get a mike with both they don,t cost that much
  4. KC0MIW

    KC0MIW Guest

    I have a Heil Pro Set Plus headset with both elements built in. I make more and better DX contacts with the HC5. People have told me that my volume is lower and sounds hollow on the HC4. The HC5 modulates higher when transmitting.


    Jim, AB0UK - Formally KC0MIW
  5. KB7HK

    KB7HK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Get the GoldLine Pro GM-5. As others have mentioned the HC-5 element is the winner for pileup's. For ragchew roundtables the wide setting gets very favorable comments. I use it with my TS-2000. Kenwood, by the way, is giving the Heil GoldLine for free with new TS2000/B2000 purchases. It really sounds great with that radio.
  6. W7NYG

    W7NYG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Which Heil mic element to buy ?

    I use the HC-5 as perhaps most Heil Sound users.

    The HC-4 has a narrow audio band pass to enhance the audio frequencies most favorable to hear.

    The choice is purely subjective. It is an individual choice not a necessity. Either mic element does a superb job.

    Use which one sounds the best to you is one to buy. There are hams that spend way to much money on audio add on devices.

    There is few ham items sold under $35. that will produce better results. Bob Heil knew what he was doing designing these cartridges.

    There are other mic elements that are trying to duplicate the Heil products. Stick with the best and original not a copy.
  7. KG4RUL

    KG4RUL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am using a BM-5 Headset with an HC-4 element for the FT-100D in my mobile.  I deliberately chose the HC-4 to get the narrower bandwidth and to help keep some of the wind and road noise present in a mobile from getting into my transmit audio.  

    Personally, I do not like the radio announcer sound that some operators are so enamored of.  I believe it greatly reduces the intelligibility of their transmissions.

    Dennis - KG4RUL  [​IMG]
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