Has anyone seen a TX timer

Discussion in 'Rig Control, Propagation, Cluster, & Other Softwar' started by VK4GAP, Aug 1, 2020 at 6:01 AM.

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  1. VK4GAP

    VK4GAP Ham Member QRZ Page

    No not a 10 minute id countdown timer thing but a countdown timer (say 5 minutes maybe adjustable) that once at 0 enables TX through the usb interface to the radio , stand alone not embedded with anything else.

    So like a beacon timer software interface that automatically press's the tx button in another piece of software then resets and counts down again from (say 5 min) to zero and then TX repetitively .

    For a manned station , no unmanned use here btw .

    I have spent the last 3 hours digging into the interweb with no luck , i'll be still digging on and off over the next few days , then i'll give up .
    win7 - TIA , Paul

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