Has Anyone Ever Seen a JW Miller MD-8 Dual Speed Vernier Dial?

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by WA9WFA, Oct 6, 2021.

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  1. W8RLC

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    I have a few Eddystone dials in my inventory. They are great dials, nice and smooth.
  2. N2EY

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    Way back in the late 1960s I discovered the excellent variable capacitors in the ARC-5 transmitters and the BC-221/LM freqmeters. Been using them in receivers, transmitters and transceivers ever since. Much better, more common, and less expensive than any common dial-and-capacitor combo I know, including the Eddystone 898, and easier to use.

    Fair Radio used to sell the BC-221 variable for $3.95 IIRC. Of course that was a lot more money then, but it was much less than a typical reduction-drive-and-capacitor setup. The famous Eddystone 898 was $21 in those days, and that was just the dial.

    One thing that has always puzzled me is why so few published articles used those excellent capacitors.

    Btw, there are at least two different styles of capacitors in the BC-221/LM. One is mounted by four screws into the bottom, the other by three screws into the front. The latter type is used in Southgate Radio products.

    The PA capacitor in a ARC-5 transmitter is also excellent. One trick I have used is to tear a junker ARC-5 transmitter down to the chassis, cut the chassis just behind the 1625 sockets, drill out the rivets, drill new holes in the stub chassis, and make a "unit VFO" for receiver or transmitter use. Simple, effective, solid as a rock. Not my idea - I got it from an article by W2EWP, on pages 87 to 89 of this book:

    http://www.w7ekb.com/glowbugs/Military/PDF files/ARC5/command_sets.PDF

    73 de Jim, N2EY
  3. KA9P

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    Got to agree, I rebuilt an old BITX40 with a homebrew analogue vfo using an old ARC-5 transmitter and it is a joy to behold. (No pristine WW2 radio was injured in this project ) Scott ka9p A1DF306F-4907-4706-A1D6-42D0B1897B6E.jpeg

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