Hamvention 2019 Building Update

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W8HJR, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. W8HJR

    W8HJR Ham Member QRZ Page

    In the spirit of being transparent to our Hamvention family, we are distributing this update:

    Hamvention/Dayton Amateur Radio Association has spent many hours working with Greene County officials to reach an agreement on a long-term contract where both the Fairgrounds and Hamvention would feel comfortable erecting a new building. Unfortunately, we have currently been unable to successfully reach an agreement satisfactory to all parties.

    This does not mean our relationship with Greene County and the fair board is not good; quite the contrary, it is excellent. It does mean that we will not have a new building for Hamvention 2019. Some of the significant upgrades accomplished in 2018 were improved tents, permanent paths in the infield (flea market area) and we added an additional forum room. More improvements are planned for 2019

    We hope the Amateur Radio Community will understand and continue to support the event as enthusiastically as in the past. We will continue to send updates as the situation requires.

    Jack Gerbs, WB8SCT, Hamvention General Chairman
    Rick Allnutt, WS8G, Hamvention Assistant General Chairman
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  2. KC0IVF

    KC0IVF Subscriber QRZ Page

    Dear Henry,

    Thank you for the update. This is my only concern and it might seem minor, and you might be the wrong person to contact. So please bare with me. Perhaps you can pass this on to others, like Jack and Rick.

    The biggest downfall I have seen so far is the fact that the flea market area, even with some type of permanent path, has been totally unsatisfactory. For sellers AND buyers. I'm a buyer. I can't imagine how a seller must feel.

    Twice now, I and many others, have been walking in soggy grass and mud while looking at used gear. It has rained every time there the past two years. I can tell you I will NOT be doing that again. Perhaps holding this event in summer or fall is better, instead of during the monsoon season!

    If anyone wants to make a positive improvement - it would be to get the flea market area back on solid pavement (like there used to be at Hara's parking lot) or inside one or two buildings. Yes, sadly, the arena is gone. Welcome to the fairgrounds.

    Will this improvement ever happen? I doubt it, because it's probably not feasible - not is it cost effective. But it sure would make things a lot better.

    There is nothing worse than seeing wet ruined merchandise, except when you are carrying your used Transceiver that you just bought - through the muddy grass and dirt - in the rain.

    This may not mean much to anyone else, and I respect that. But I won't be back.

    Michael Massa, KC0IVF
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2018
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  3. WD8KND

    WD8KND XML Subscriber QRZ Page


    Thanks for the info. I'm a big fan of the Hamvention, and have gone nearly every year since 1977. I think you guys have done a great job with the move, but I have to agree somewhat with Michael. The flea market was greatly improved this year, but still left a lot to be desired. I know you can't control the rain, but maybe more of the crushed asphalt is in order.

    I'll still keep coming, but if it rains I'll probably stay out of the flea market.

    Keep trying to make it the best.
    Bob Scaffidi
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  4. WA4EE

    WA4EE Ham Member QRZ Page

    First off, I have no idea what all is involved in putting together a hamvention, especially one as huge as Dayton! That being said though, I find it hard to believe the "Granddaddy of all hamfests" can't
    somehow locate an indoor arena with a paved lot for the bone yard, air conditioning and lots of space to maneuver around. I'm sure that's wishful thinking on my part and probably not cost effective,
    however something has to be done to take away these ongoing issues with mud, rain, parking, heat, etc or people are going to quit attending. A three day hamfest has no business being held in a
    facility designed for horse and buggy races and cattle auctions...my 2 cents...73..JD WA4EE
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  5. W8OMI

    W8OMI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    The Hara arena exists nomore. They had their flea market outside also and when it rain, you had a mess. I, for one, are thankful that it is still held in Ohio, not to far from the old one. I think the committee has done a fantastic job of putting the Hamvention together at the Greene County fairgrounds so that many can attend> The weather is something know one can predict or control and I think it should be continued in May. The Greene County officials have done a wonderful job to work with the Hamvention officials to put it together. I hope they will continue to have it there forever. J. WV
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  6. KC0IVF

    KC0IVF Subscriber QRZ Page

    Obviously the weather can't be controlled - but better planning, decisions, and accommodations can be. You either make improvements - or you stagnate and lose attendees. Period.
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  7. K7LJ

    K7LJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I saw one guy in the flea market this year, who had a T-shirt that said "REAL HAMS WENT TO HARA". I wish I had taken a picture! Nice new facility, but definitely going through growing pains.
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  8. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    No; stinky hams went to HARA. Did you guys FORGET the ##it volcano??

    That has NOT happened at Xenia.

    Guys, the rain ALWAYS S*CKS at Dayton, no matter what the venue. AT HARA, it caused fetid stinkful puddles on the alleged 'better' paved flea market.

    October is out: that's agri-'fair' season.
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  9. AB3TQ

    AB3TQ Subscriber QRZ Page

    So, you value transparency? I call you on that one. Someone was being less than honest about why this building did not happen in 2018 after it had been announced. Or does transparency only apply to 2019?

    The original three year contract covered 2017, 2018 and 2019. In the interest of transparency, is there going to be a contract to cover 2020 or anything beyond?
  10. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page


    I think DARA called it a they saw it. No reason not to.

    It sounds like the building expense is high and the county folks want to amortize it for more than a committment of 'x' 'reasonable' years for hamvention. Same thing happens when you do a 'build out' on a lease.

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