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Discussion in 'Echolink/IRLP Tech Board' started by K5TBL, Dec 20, 2014.

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  1. AA9G

    AA9G Ham Member QRZ Page

    Another soul saved from perdition. Our work here is done.
  2. KB1HQS

    KB1HQS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hamspehere served as a good demo for a technician class I recently taught. It didn't play nice with my VPN though.
    Yes, it is not real ham radio, but serves a purpose for those interested in the hobby. Anything to get more people interested in ham radio is good to go in my book.
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  3. KD8TUT

    KD8TUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I agree with you.

    Basically Hamsphere got me re-involved with radio after many years away. As a former SWL and CB'r it just dragged me back into it.

    I started using it while Hamsphere 3 was current around May of 2012. and in January 2013 I got my ticket. That started a very heavy involvement in radio.

    These days Hamsphere is on version 4 and there are band openings/closings that tend to mirror actual band conditions, and it is more of a true simulation than "Teamspeak with Static". Think of it like "Off Air Mode".

    I've worked CW, RTTY, and phone on it. A good place to learn and make mistakes. But more importantly it's a great way to elmer newbees and help create new hams out of the younger set. Because the user base on HS is a bit younger.

    So as a "younger ham" my thoughts are that systems like Hamsphere should be embraced strongly by hams. And I hope they will be. So many new licenses have been earned by HS users it's difficult argue against it's effectiveness.

    It's also really fun :)
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  4. K5GHS

    K5GHS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I guess if you're not getting 59 reports on this, then something is wrong with your connection.
  5. KD8TUT

    KD8TUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Or in some cases your perspective ;)
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  6. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well, I run my ham classes in a room with real radios, but I do demo EchoLink and DSTAR during the class.

    Some day, I will be too feeble to put up a wire in the air and get on HF. Honestly, there are days now... and I hope when
    that day comes that I can really enjoy the alternatives. I'll be looking mostly at EchoLink, IRLP, DSTAR, and that kind of thing. I hope I can afford to buy time on someone's superstation remote timeshare. But if all else fails, CQ100 and Hamsphere may be where I end up.

    I can definitely see how this could be entertaining for someone in a rest home. I enjoy the VoIP modes over the air now.
  7. KQ0J

    KQ0J XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    kk4ywn " a friend and i ran a net there for awhile. it was called Beernet and it was all about beer."

    Best net idea I have heard of in a while.
  8. KDLM32958

    KDLM32958 QRZ Member


    I think that HamSphere ought to be embrace by Ham radio. It a good teaching tool.
  9. W4HUF

    W4HUF Ham Member QRZ Page

    honestly ive been a ham for 5 years and out of the 5 i've been on the air 2 . last 3 years ive been in HOA Restricted area. hamsphere is still a great way to make contacts with ham operator as well as non hams.. this voip needs to be embraced cause you never know if were going to have HF 20-30-50 years from now...
  10. G7FQW

    G7FQW Ham Member QRZ Page

    It does appear that a basic user is restricted, signals will not be so good just because it is voip.
    It's crazy but you can spend money purchasing virtual antenna farms that improve your signals, which tells me the basic signal is restricted somehow.

    ISTR that I removed it, I wasn't prepared to pay for something that is basically restricted until I buy updates - damn expensive ones too.

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