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HamSCI Makes Significant Impact at the NSF's Annual CEDAR Workshop

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by WX2R, Jul 6, 2024.

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  1. WX2R

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    San Diego, CA – The annual Coupling, Energetics, and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions (CEDAR) Workshop, funded by the National Science Foundation, ended recently in San Diego, bringing together a group of scholars from the ionospheric science community. This year, HamSCI (Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation), a collaborative group of amateur radio enthusiasts and researchers, demonstrated significant contributions to the event, highlighting the distinct role of amateur radio in advancing scientific understanding.

    HamSCI’s Notable Contributions

    During the event, HamSCI members presented 11 research posters and 6 oral presentations on a variety of topics related to ionospheric science. Their research not only covered a broad range of interests while recognizing the expertise of the amateur radio community and its ability to contribute to cutting-edge scientific space physics research.

    Highlight on Diversity

    A standout moment of the workshop was Jesse Alexander' (WB2IFS) presentation on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) talk. His presentation emphasized the importance of having an inclusive environment within scientific fields and highlighted ongoing efforts to ensure varied perspectives are co-mingled into scientific discourse and research.

    Special Appearance by Phil Karn

    Phil Karn, KA9Q, a well-known figure in the amateur radio and communication technology communities, attended this event. His participation provided him an opportunity to see how his latest project, KA9Q Radio, has contributed directly to ionospheric research, and gave Phil ideas for further development of his software defined radio platform.

    Engagement and Networking

    The CEDAR workshop is more than presentations and scientific sessions; it’s a platform for budding scientists and seasoned researchers to interact, share ideas, and build collaborations. We are proud of the robust participation from HamSCI members, who actively engaged in discussions, shared insights, and widened their professional networks.

    Looking Forward

    The HamSCI community continues to actively foster opportunities for interaction between the amateur radio and professional space physics communities. The enthusiasm and commitment of HamSCI volunteers and researchers to advancing our understanding of the Earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere through collaborative science serve to highlight the unique role that amateur radio operators play alongside the scientific community.

    Please visit the official workshop website for more details on the CEDAR Workshop and to view HamSCI's contributions.


    Ed Efchak, WX2R
    Public Information Officer
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  2. W7UUU

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    According to the CEDAR Workshop link, this event was last month.

    Please clarify - we're happy to elevate it to be a "news" item and it sounds like a great event to promote - but not if it's a past event.


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