HamRadioNow: Eclipsing ARES

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KN4AQ, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. N6SPP

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  2. G3SEA

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    Much ado about nothing when there are far more serious concerns going on around us ;)
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  3. KQ6XA

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    The Great American Eclipse is a predictable communication outage event*
    • Outages will happen on and around the morning of Monday 21 August 2017
    • Primarily, it will be a cellular system overload outage, in various locations.
    • Outages will start on the evening before the eclipse (20 August) and continue throughout the afternoon of the eclipse (21 August).
    • Cellular system communication outages will occur in the vicinity of the zone of totality path.
    • Overload outages could certainly delay or block cell calls to emergency services or 911.
    • The most vulnerable locations for overload outages will be in rural areas along the "eclipse highways" (highways that cross the totality path).

    The communication outage event will be due to:
    1. mass influx of cellphone users into areas where there is normally sparse cellular coverage (rural)
    2. unusually high traffic in areas where the cellular system is "just barely adequate for normal usage" (suburban)
    3. simply not enough bandwidth in many of the eclipse path areas for such high user demand (urban/suburban)
    4. higher than usual bandwidth per user due to social sharing of photography and video of the event
    Why is a cellular outage of any concern?
    • Cell phones have become the mainstay of public communications.
    • Highway emergency telephone boxes have been removed from many highways recently.
    • Phone booths, once ubiquitous, have been removed from most public locations.
    • Cellular voice calls are the primary method now for 911 and emergency services.
    HF/VHF/UHF ham radio communications are unlikely to experience adverse effects.
    Whether ham radio will be of service to the general public can not be easily predicted.

    *A communication outage is an interruption in the normal service of a wireless or wired communication medium, such as radio, telephone, cellular, internet, television, or cable.

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  4. W1YW

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    Please see post #11.

    I asked several colleagues about this. There may be outages, but the portatowers are being set up along many routes, especially the SC and Nashville-Southern KY corridors. If anyone wants more specifics, I have a meeting tomorrow and can ask for further details.

    The anticipated problem is with live streaming during totality. Unfortunately most people do not realize that a smart phone or tablet without an 16-18X attachment is incapable of capturing totality, and its an interesting question what happens to the CCD without protection during partial eclipse.

    Chip W1YW
  5. G3SEA

    G3SEA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Cell Companies have the capability in their Switch Translations to block all
    but emergency ie 911 calls during the congestion window.
  6. WA4III

    WA4III Ham Member QRZ Page

    Y'all go ahead and have fun, I'm staying home and watching TV and playing radio.
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  7. K6MFW

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    What I cannot understand is why somebody wants to yap on the phone instead of experiencing the moment of a total eclipse. If someone feels so important they cannot be without cellular service, maybe they shouldn't go to areas to view the total eclipse. Anyway, nice list you compiled.

    A major hazard is people viewing the sun with unsafe glasses and methods. Latest news is Amazon recalling several viewing goggles, only a week before this event!
  8. WB4WHJ

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    I will be snoozing. I work midnight so I will be crashed out by 9 AM. :)
    I will have to catch the event on the local news @ 6 PM.
  9. KB0HAZ

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    Why are hams always looking for the sky to fall, much a do about nothing.
  10. N7AFB

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    Totally, no problem at all. UNLESS you are trapped in a stand still traffic jam, out of gas, cell phone overloaded, and having a heart attack. THEN, it may be a big deal--at least for you.
    Totally, no problem at all. UNLESS you are trapped in a stand still traffic jam, out of gas, cell phone overloaded, and having a heart attack. THEN, it may be a big deal--at least for you.
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