Hammarlund HX-500 Power Supply

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by K8BHS, Jun 9, 2021.

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  1. K8BHS

    K8BHS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Shortly after Hammarlund came out with the HX-500 they sent out a factory authorized upgrade for the power supply which required a new power transformer. Does anyone have the specs for this transformer? I believe the part number is 42351-4. Heyboer Transformers says they can build me a new one if I can provide the specs. I also heard that the transformer in the HX-50A may be the same. Can anyone confirm this? If so I do have the specs for it.

    Thanks and 73
    DE K8BHS
  2. WB3JIH

    WB3JIH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi -

    I've got both a HX-50A and a HX-500. The 500 has been through the factory update (which reversed the USB/LSB setting on the function switch.) Unfortunately, I have a 5V filament short to the HV winding in mine, and the B+ winding is messed up too. If you found a replacement source for it, I'd be interested as well. I'm able to run mine with diodes instead of the tube rectifiers, but definitely would like to look at transformer replacement.

    I could take some voltage readings out of the HX-50A if that would help...

  3. W1NB

    W1NB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    It looks like Hammond made or make a replacement. See specs and model number below.

    13167917-BADD-4D14-A26B-B777C1726C1C.png 33D863A4-082E-43AE-BF63-65B142722A9B.png
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  4. K8CCA

    K8CCA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Pete, K7PP, just released a youtube video about one of these transmitters the other day. I watched it last night and had never even heard of this transmitter before. I guess they are quite rare, and look pretty cool, to me at least. Good luck with the project. I would love to follow along if you where to post pics here on QRZ.
  5. KE0ZU

    KE0ZU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I let one slip through my fingers just last year. I've been kicking myself every time I think about it. It was a fairly unusual electrical design and seemed more in line with Hammarlund's receiver philosophy. My understanding is that only about 250 were made.

  6. WB3JIH

    WB3JIH Ham Member QRZ Page

    That a good way way describe it...

    That middle meter isn't "stock." Like the HT-32s, you just tuned it for maximum power, and hoped for the best... :-D

    The accessory port on the back had two pins to which you could hook a meter; I ended up just putting one next to the rig.

    You're right though -- it is definitely built like one of their receivers -- you can see the DNA in it. I haven't fired mine up in a while because of the weak transformer, but this thread has perhaps motivated me to get a replacement and put it back into service. It is HEAVY is all!

  7. K8BHS

    K8BHS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for the reply but this is the specs for the original transformer and not the upgraded one. As a last resort I may have to go back to this.

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