hammarlund HQ145 dead 10-30mhz band

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by RAYSUNCLOUDS, Jan 17, 2020.

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    Bought this 1 year ago for 200. Listen on 75 & 40.the 10-30 MHz band has some pulses but no apparent sigs. I sprayed the bandswitch and pots,little change .per the boat anchor forum I replaced the 6C4 osc tube,no change. Any thoughts? Maybe looking for a repair person in northern Ohio.Thanks,ray-swl'er and former WD8CYX general.
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    Post in Boat Anchors Forum.

    It is considered poor etiquette to cross post the same post in multiple forums. It confuses readers, and dilutes the responses. Regards, b.

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    The HQ-145 is double conversion in the 10 - 30 MHz section. A scope, VTVM, and a signal generator would be extremely useful in trouble shooting and aligning or checking alignment. Don't spray the switch wafers with Deoxit or other types of cleaners. Use a cotton swab with cleaner and just wipe the contacts. Phonetic wafers can absorb this stuff when sprayed and can actually make the wafer conductive . Manual has tube voltage and resistance charts. Use them.
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    Such multiple postings are completely different from posting in several forums on a single website. You are certainly free to offer an item on several different websites.

    Glen, K9STH


    Sorry about the dual posts. I really appreciate the responses on the other QRZ forum. Is it possible to delete this one?-Ray.

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