Ham Talk Live! Episode 63 - The Latest Hamvention Update from DARA

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by WB9VPG, May 2, 2017.

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  1. WB9VPG

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    Thursday night at 9 pm EDT, DARA officers Michael Kalter, W8CI, the official spokesperson for Dayton Hamvention and Ron Cramer, KD8ENJ, the general chairman will be on the show to talk about the latest news about this year's plans and take your questions!

    As with all 6 of our Hamvention preview shows, we will give away a RadioWavz DX80 off center fed dipole to one lucky caller! So be sure to listen LIVE and CALL IN TO WIN!

    Tune into Ham Talk Live! Thursday night at 9 pm Eastern time by going to hamtalklive.com. When the audio player indicates LIVE, just hit the play button! If you miss the show live, you can listen on demand 24/7/365.25 also at hamtalklive.com; or a podcast version is on nearly all podcast sites a few minutes after the live show is over. Some sites include iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, SoundCloud; and it's also available on YouTube.

    Be sure to CALL in with your questions and comments by calling 812-NET-HAM-1 live during the show, or by Skype. Our username is hamtalklive. You can also tweet your questions before or during the show to @HamTalkLive.

    Hamvention-2017-CramerKalter AR Roundtable-Nov 16-2.JPG photos.medleyphoto.10791071.jpg
    Dayton-Hamvention-logo_2.jpg Giveaway copy.jpg
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  2. WB9VPG

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    Topics included: flea market, traffic, parking, internet access, cellular access, and more! Some helpful info for those planning to attend Hamvention!
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  3. WB9VPG

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  4. W2MYA

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    Hy'a Neil,I remember you when you were attending Dayton many years ago with your Mom and Dad.You were recently licensed and being

    billed as the youngest ham in the country,as I think you were only 6 or 7 years old!!!At that time you lived in Vincennes,Indiana.Now you can see how good my memory is,Hi-Hi. Won't be able to make the Hamvention again this year,but good Lord willing,and the creek doesn't rise,perhaps
    we'll be able to do it next year.
    The best I can do again will be to find and work W8BI the station of the DARA. Vy 73,Neil Respectfully,G.L.Mitchell-W2MYA
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  5. WB9VPG

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    That's correct! Yeah, I hope you can make it back there. The stations are W8H and W8D this year. I hope to be on W8D for a while, probably on Friday. Maybe we'll run into each other. There's also a live video stream of some of the forums you can watch.

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