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Ham retailers and Multiple Credit Card swipes.

Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by KB5SXC, Sep 11, 2018.

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  1. KB5SXC

    KB5SXC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Never thought I would become mad enough to post about a Retailer, but here we go.

    Last Saturday I called a retail operation (ur) in Ohio who has been known to advertise in QST.
    I was greeted by a reasonable dude that checked inventory, verified he had pulled my order and it was ready to ship on mon. He then told me he ran the credit card and that it was approved.

    Monday morning I notice that the retailer had not e-mailed me a receipt nor a confirmation of order, so what do you do, I called and asked about this. Going through several ladies on the phone, we arrive at the conclusion that they are unable to e-mail a receipt, (It appears I am not actually ordering from them, but some other vendor that they must be using) for the receipt comes from the Postal Service with the Tracking numbers.

    Later in the day on Monday I receive a call from this operation informing me that the Credit Card had been reported lost or stolen and I need to contact my Bank. I do so, the Bank confirms that the Retailer had accessed my account and was holding the amount of the Purchase. The Bank also informed me that the Retailer had tried multiple times to run different amounts through their system onto my account, they were not successful. The Bank gives me the approval code that the Retailer had been given, I call the retailer back to clear up the Retailers error, and the not so ladily lady simply tells me the Bank is lying about the transaction. So I log into my account and there is the transaction posted to my account.

    I don't like incompetence, never tolerated it in my businesses nor my command. When a Retailer is to lazy to even check their records, one can recognize a failing of customer service.

    So instead of supporting a US Retailer, who won't support me, I think I'll try Amazon.

    Using Amazon I was able to fulfill the order, ship it for free, and at a 70% discount, from what the Ohio Retailer was going to charge me.

    Now, I just need to do the Credit Card dispute. and get the funds back from the Retailers Hold.

    Bad Retailer.

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  2. KA2FIR

    KA2FIR Ham Member QRZ Page

    What exactly did they do wrong? You got a 70% discount on Amazon? Why didn’t you shop around first?
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  3. WB4IVF

    WB4IVF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Buyer's remorse! (-:
  4. KB5SXC

    KB5SXC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Read the entire post, no remorse, just don't like dealing with the untruthful, and those on the left side of the Bell Shaped Curve.
    I would have given them the order, if they would have taken the time to straighten out Their mistake.
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  5. KG5THG

    KG5THG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Is (ur) short for Universal Radio? I don't like the way this sounds and I don't want to run into them. I like to do business with local as much as I can, but I expect better service from them also.
  6. KB5SXC

    KB5SXC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Swiped the Credit Card Multiple times. I believe, that is stated in the original post.
  7. KB5SXC

    KB5SXC Ham Member QRZ Page

    A reasonable assumption.
  8. KE5MC

    KE5MC Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I get that 70% discount frequently and blow it off. I recall it is a Amazon CC offer. A one time discount.
  9. KB5SXC

    KB5SXC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I blew the Amazon CC offer off also, the 70% was a difference in standard everyday stocked inventory prices.
  10. AE7XG

    AE7XG Ham Member QRZ Page


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