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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by K5QO, Dec 3, 2019.

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  1. K5QO

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    Hello fellow hams,

    Some of you may know that Yahoo Groups is going to be shutting down in a couple of weeks. While members will still be able to email back and forth, the UI and other features will be shut off.

    "So what?" you might ask, "I haven't thought about yahoo groups in years ..."

    If you've ever tried to repair an old radio, or research certain radios, chances are you've come across a Yahoo group that had lots of good info about your radio in it. For almost 20 years hams have been asking questions and helping one another in yahoo groups, and it would be a shame to see that repository of knowledge lost.

    Groups that are well-maintained and active are generally migrating to groups.io, but there can be a fee charged to migrate legacy content. This process is also not very smooth, and many group admins have not migrated or have no intention of moving the old posts to the new platform.

    For groups that are not well maintained or whose admins have gone SK or AFK, there isn't much hope.

    Over the past month I've been backing up and archiving as many Yahoo groups as I could using a tool I found on github. I would hate to see these repositories of knowledge disappear when Yahoo flips the light switch later this month.

    The listing of all the groups can be found here:


    These are the groups I have been able to successfully scrape. Many others were attempted but for one reason or another I wasn't able to get a good copy. Reasons include: enormous amounts of spam in the group, Yahoo API throwing way too many failures (are they already shutting down servers? maybe.), or admins not allowing me access to the group.

    Think of this archive as a time capsule snapshot of these groups. They can't be added to or edited, and hopefully they are active and living on in new platforms.

    List of groups:

    I had a request today to back up the TenTec pegasus group, so I will be attempting to do that soon. If anyone has any other requests please shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do
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  2. KB9MWR

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    Nice work. Thanks for doing this! Perhaps you should share a link to the tool you used in case others want to do the same.
  3. K5QO

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  4. K0IDT

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    Personal Groupware, PGO, is another no fuss alternative and it gets everything. http://www.personalgroupware.com
    PGO creates a local, searchable archive, files, posts, photos, attachments. No connection, just a happy long time user.
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