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Ham Radio Yule Log Video

Discussion in 'Videos and Podcasts' started by KQ6XA, Dec 23, 2017.

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  1. KQ6XA

    KQ6XA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Julian OH8STN, aka SurvivalTech Nord, is famous for his HF portable operation at the arctic circle. Tonight, he warms your heart with a wonderful ham radio Yule Log video. Real live video shot in a snowbound arctic tipi tent, next to a herd of reindeer. Julian occasionally stokes the woodstove... while the sweet background music of crackling logs, auroral static, FT8 flutes, and mystery CW numbers stations play. Enjoy.

    See Julian's website for some of the most fascinating aspects of ham radio.
    Off-Grid Field Operator, Digital Field and QRP Ops

    OH8STN YouTube Channel

    Arctic Solstice photo by Julian OH8STN

    Thanks for the Yule Log, Julian!

    -Bonnie KQ6XA

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  2. KQ6XA

    KQ6XA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Disappointing that this was removed from the QRZ News front page.
    It would have been the perfect ham radio feelgood News item for The Zed.
  3. KQ6XA

    KQ6XA Ham Member QRZ Page

    A Visit from Ham Santa
    by Bonnie Crystal

    'Twas the week before Straight Key, when all through the bands,
    No linear amp was whirring, nor warming our hands.
    Digital modes playing like flutes in the air,
    Hoping Ham Santa soon would be there.

    The SDRs were nestled, plugged into their ports,
    Decoding some callsigns... We heard some strange snorts!
    Snow in the meadow, ice on the long wire,
    Reindeer hooves pounded, or was that a choir?

    Were we really dreaming, actually sleeping in bed,
    As visions of pile-ups simply danced in our head?

    Sounded quite odd, as we threw off the earphone,
    And that's when we noticed, no, we ain't alone.
    But, the noise was real and the dial lights glowed,
    A team of reindeer, in the field where it snowed!

    We got up from the chair and stoked up the fire,
    Ham Santa's sleigh was caught on a guy wire.
  4. KF0G

    KF0G Ham Member QRZ Page

    Bonnie and Julian,
    Thank you and Merry Christmas.
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  5. KQ6XA

    KQ6XA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Best wishes to you and yours, KF0G!
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