Ham Radio University Videos Now On Line

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KS2G, Jan 16, 2021.

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  1. KS2G

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    In case you missed the Ham Radio University webinar on January 9th, or attended and didn't get to a presentation that you desired, or want to see a presentation again:

    Videos of the presentations are now available on the Ham Radio University YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/HamRadioUniversityNLI

    Please "like" the videos that you view and subscribe to the channel.

    Also ..
    . presentation handouts and slide-decks are available for download on the Ham Radio University web site:
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  2. KF2ZZ

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    Many thanks for posting this!

  3. K1LKP

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  4. K4WPC

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  5. 9V1BC

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  6. WY7BG

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    Now I can catch up on the sessions I missed. THX 1M!
  7. W7DGJ

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    I enjoyed my Saturday spent listening to some high quality videos and I appreciate HRU a great deal. Keep it up, gang. Dave W7DGJ
  8. 2E0LKC

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    thanks got some catching up to do grate job
  9. W3TKB

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    Really? Only four of the sessions are posted, and one of those is just the introduction session where they introduce all the presenters and list all their credentials & accomplishments. They said ALL the sessions would be up and running "...in a week or two". There were two different sessions running in the same time slot; I was only able to watch one of them. Was really wanting to go back and view the other. It's been five weeks now; any idea on when the rest of them will become available? Hopefully before HRU 2022.


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