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Ham Radio Myths

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KB7RKY, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. VK4XJB

    VK4XJB Ham Member QRZ Page

    That BC  [​IMG]

    The one of the 3 I like doing in bed before I go to sleep.
  2. KB7UXE

    KB7UXE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello from Dan. kb7uxe.

    I remember somewhere I heard that some fellas had some big high voltage power lines running across their property.
    They dug trenches and buried cable in a circle below the hi-voltage power lines. Seems this generated "free" power for them, that is until the power company fround out.
    So, can this be done? is it a myth?[​IMG]?[​IMG]

    Thanks, Dan kb7uxe.
    kb7uxe ~AT~
  3. KC0UWF

    KC0UWF Ham Member QRZ Page

    i like this one....LOL

    I'm learning my code. doing good at it. i enjoy talking onthe local nets and State wide fiber optic repeaters. lots of great guys out there.

    40 years ago, I believe just about the only way to get on the air was to build your own transmiter and reciever, right??? and that took alot of electronic learning.
    but guess what, I ordered a brand new 2 meter radio with antenna. and ya know what? I didn't have to build a thing, that right, they come preassembled now.
    I have no intrest in learning how to solder wires or building elect things.
    I like my radios like I like my computers, Plug and Play.
    CW is fasinating, how it uses less power to communicate over long distance. the whole world (ham op's) can talk to each other using the same language. I hope I learn to hear words instead of letters in the code someday,
    my 2 cents...
    newbie ham here and loving it.
  4. N0DVG

    N0DVG Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am convinced CW is a Cure All for all problems lets require 13 WPM for Cell phone and Drivers licenses. Boy wouldn't The highways be a dream during rush hour.
    Then Maybe even for Docotors maybe that would lower the prices they charge us. Well maybe not HI HI
  5. K4JF

    K4JF Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

  6. WA7VTD

    WA7VTD Ham Member QRZ Page

    PLEEEEZE....let's not let this interesting new topic be hijacked by the "CW or no CW" debate. (It's pointless, everyone knows a CW iron man is the epitome of the Real Amateur). Just kidding (even though it's true).

    I also am interested in LDEs. I can relate an experience with them around 1989 on 40 M CW. Over the course of several hours one evening (during which I also observed zillions of "whistlers" -- which are not supposed to be heard above LF and, on rare occasions, MF frequencies), I heard delayed echos of my own signal. At first I thought it was another operator, so I made several back-to-back QSYs. Each time I stopped on a new frequency, I sent one dit. As long as one to two seconds later, I heard the dit "echoed," at a slighty different pitch, suggesting Doppler. I phoned a friend and had him come up on the band to confirm this. He heard what was happening with my sigs but as I recall, was not able to reproduce it from his location about ten miles North, at much lower elevation, on an much more low-angle antenna of opposite polarization to mine.

    Some time thereafter, I read in an updated edition of ther ARRL Handbook that contrary to decades of prevailing wisdom, it had been demonstrated that under certain circumstances, backscatter had been observed on frequencies as high as 40 meters.

    I don't know for certain what the explanation was, but the simultaneous loud presence of whistlers on 40 led me to ponder whether the Earth's magnetic lines of force were acrting as conductors for the radio energy -- a concept with which both Tesla and the Pentagon's HAARP project experimented.

    And the "Woopdecker" also known as Over the Horizon RADAR (OHR) supposedly operated under the principle of HF backscatter -- thought the whoe notion of OHR was later revealed to be a cover story for what the Russians and Americans were actually up to, somehting aboput which I canot recall the actual purpose.

    Does anyone have any anectdotes or knoweldge
    on the subject of HF LDEs to share?

    HF LDEs -- fact or myth?


    Kevin Hunt WA7VTD
  7. W0JRM

    W0JRM Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is from a movie called "On The Beach". Not sure when it was released.

    The story of the movie is set in a post-nuclear war America. The only survivors are military men in submarines, or something like that. They spend months tracking down this signal, only to discover that it's source is a coke bottle tied to a window blind.

    Great movie, I'll have to dig it out and watch it when I finish moving.
  8. MM0RZZ

    MM0RZZ Silent Key QRZ Page

    Yes LDEs exist, there are records of LDEs going back into the 20's, and I spoke to a telecoms engineer who had recorded them back in the 80s.
    One author in the 70s even related the echos to astronomical maps and theorised that they were due to a spacecraft from an alien race that was parked in a Langrangian orbit and was trying to contact the us ! I believe he got out more with the money thus earned !!

    The movie "On the beach" I believe was circa 1965 and had one G.Peck as the sub captain, new the story but never saw the film sadly
    as it caught my imagination.

    73s Ken
  9. AD0ND

    AD0ND Ham Member QRZ Page

    NCTs should NEVER have any say so in club matters, should only speak when spoken to and should be seen and not heard.

    Must be a myth. I am currently a member of the Board of Directors with my local club, and also an NCT.. I guess the OT's in the club thought I would be suitable for the job, code or not.

  10. N8ARY

    N8ARY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, the CW / Non CW debate has diluted yet another potentially cool discussion.

    Thanks for the QRM, guys.
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