Ham Radio Deluxe now has Pan-adaptor support

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by G1MHU, Nov 8, 2019.

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  1. G1MHU

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  2. ON4VT

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    I'm seriously thinking about changing to another log software. I don't need glittering panadapters and other nice to have ****. I need a decent log programma that does what a logging program has to do : LOGGING in an easy way, with updated IOTA lists, with a good label printer etc ... HRD guys lost their focus on LOGGING
    And with every update the same issues : bugs all over. We're paying for troubles ...
    73 ON4VT
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  3. W4NNF

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    Unfortunately, much as I love HRD, I gotta say the panadaptor was very poorly executed. Tiny. Very few features. The panadaptor display on N1MM blows it out of the water with the same rig (IC7300). There are other bugs, some serious, in the release as well, and not all concerning the panadaptor (the logbook has caused problems for some, though it seems OK at my station). I'd wait a while. It's working here, but quite a few OMs are having problems.
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  4. W4NNF

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    I've thought about doing the same recently. However, I've used HRD for over a decade, it works for me, and I'd dread making the change.

    I will say for the record that I don't use HRD for contest logging. It's just not good at that, not good at all. Never has been. For that I use N1MM. Otherwise, though, it works for me, for what I do. If I did need to change, I'd probably go to N3FJP. But the idea of not just learning a new logger, but a new program for RTTY/CW/PSK31, a new rig control program, etc., etc. has encouraged me to stay the course.

    The ground truth is that HRD is better in every way than it ever has been. DM780, rig control, rotor control, satellites, etc. were always a big part of the program. The releases till now--I'm talking about for the currently supported version V6--have been remarkably bug free. I trust WA9PIE and his colleagues to get this right and I am staying the course. :)
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  5. KF0AUO

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    HRD needs to really invest back into the product, the Panadapter for the IC7300 is really a let down a year into it. You cannot resize it width wise and the options are really basic. Considering how much they charge for the program now it needs some serious R&D.
  6. G1MHU

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    Maybe try the pan-adaptor that is with Win4Icom, win4Icom is a direct replacement for the HRD rig control module.. with the advantage of multiple rig servers, so you can connect up to 6 other programs to the radio's cat control in addition to having a HRD rig server built in..
  7. AA6YQ

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    Try the Spectrum-Waterfall window provided by the free-ware DXLab Suite, which augments spectrum data from an IC-7300, IC7610, IC-7850, IC7851, or IC-9700 with information of interest to DXers - like active callsigns color-coded to indicate "need" for the awards you are pursuing (DXCC, IOTA, Leaderboard, Marathon, VUCC, WAS, WAZ, WPX), and participation in LoTW and eQSL.cc:


    And yes, the Spectrum-Waterfall windows is re-sizable.

    Additional information is available here.

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