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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Deluxe - HRD' started by N9IZ, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. N9IZ

    N9IZ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I was hoping to get some responses from users of Ham Radio Deluxe. I have previously used it with an older ICOM 756. I ended up getting away from it since the radio sits right in front of me and the program had less features than what I could access just using the radio. No fault of HRD as that radio wasn't made to support a giant level of computer control. Well, now I also have an ICOM 746Pro. It will have to be positioned a little further away. Almost out of reach. This makes computer control a more desirable proposition. Does anyone know if HRD supports more function on the much new 746Pro than on the older 756? I was particularly hoping to have an active S-meter and access to filter settings and such. I'm also thinking that remote control of the radio from the house computer via my wifi link to the shack would be neat for those days when I'm in and out. So I'll stop here before I ramble on forever. Thank all.

  2. KD4MOJ

    KD4MOJ Ham Member QRZ Page


    Howdy Jeff:

    Can speak for othe 746pro but I control most of the functions of my ProIII with HRD. I'm still using the 4.1 version (not v5 that just came out) and most of my airtime is in the digital modes.... but having the nice big screen is nice and not having to touch the rig. The only thing that I know so far, is that HRD doesn't have the USB-D function, so if I change frequencies and want to going into digital mode, I do have to use the proIII's USB button to put it in USB-D mode.

  3. K0SPN

    K0SPN Ham Member QRZ Page

    It doesn't seem like this is something that Simon would have overlooked, nor anyone else not pointed out, for such a popular rig.
    There should be a dropdown menu for Mode, try looking for a "User-U" mode or some other name.

    If it truly has been overlooked, you just need to find the CAT command and make your own button; this is very easy to do.

    You need to find your rig's CAT commands. This may be in the user/owner manual or you may find it online at Icom's site.

    Start your rig and HRD; click the menu bar called "Macros", then "CAT Command Manager; click the "New" button; enter the name you'd like the button to be called (maybe "Data" in your case); put the CAT command in the "CAT Command" box (normally XXnnn format {X=letter, n=number}), click "OK", and you've made your own command.
    Now you have to put it somewhere.
    Open the "Customize" menu either via the toolbar or menubar "Tools" menu; choose the "Layout" tab; click a button spot where you'd like to have the button; on the left side, just above the "Save" button is a "Select" button that says "Dropdown Button / CAT Command /Macro:" just above a text box (that should say "Not Mapped"); click the "Select" button and choose the CAT command you just made and hit "OK"; click on "OK" or "Apply" in the "Customize window and your new button should be working.
  4. K2WH

    K2WH Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    HRD is for computer operators. Be a radio operator instead.
  5. N4CR

    N4CR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I run HRD here on my 746Pro and everything you mentioned is supported and much more.

    I can't think of anything that is not controllable from HRD on my 746Pro. It's very well supported. I'm sure you'll like the combination.
  6. N4CR

    N4CR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have a Data button in my HRD panel. Don't know why you don't.
  7. KD4MOJ

    KD4MOJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    HHmmm I'll have to check on the data button... must have overlooked it. There are quite a few things that I haven't explored in HRD yet... great prgm with lots of "stuff".

    SPN thanks for the example on the cat commands.... i'll check that out next.

  8. KF2M

    KF2M Ham Member QRZ Page

    What's the difference? Whether you are working a keyboard/mouse, or punching buttons, and spininng knobs almost all modern radios have a microprocessor behind it all. So in a sense we are all "computer operators". We are just using differnet interfaces... Me personally I use both HRD, and the front panel it just depends on what I am doing at the moment, and which is closer at hand.

    Just my 2 cents...
  9. KB1NXE

    KB1NXE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Whether you use HRD to control the rig or not, there are definite advantages to running HRD V4 or V5.

    HRD and it's companion DM780 for digital modes works hand in hand with the integrated logbook (HRD V4) or the separate Logbook (HRD V5) as well as each other.

    HRD reports the frequency you are working to DM780 and log book, as well as (if supported) the S meter reading, the mode, and several other parameters making logging smooth and easy. Paper logs are great, but being able to add just a call sign and getting all the info into the log makes it a breeze, rather than a chore. For this reason alone, I run HRD - but use the rig's dials. If you are using DM780 (V5) then it reports the other stations call to Logbook. You can even include the logging in a macro that creates the log entry after you use a sign off message. On button and you sign with the QSO and create a log entry. Pretty slick.

    If you are using another computer logging program, then the switch to HRD Logbook is worth the effort to gain this automatic reporting. Yes, I know many do query connected radios for these parameters as well. But HRD Logbook V 5 adds much more. Read on!

    HRD allows you to manage certain controls in a more intuitive way. The biggest gripes one hears about Icom 756/746/703/7000 rigs are the small controls and menus settings. HRD makes those setting easier - and customizable to a user or condition (rag chew settings as opposed to DX setting on mic treble and bass for example). This is accomplished with saved settings or profiles.

    HRD allows you to take menu setting and make them into sliders. That fit's into the argument above.

    HRD Logbook is in beta. When completed and Simon adds all the planned features, you'll be able to load directly to major Internet logging sites (eQSL, LoTW) for award confirmation. You'll get the label printing capability provided now with external applications. You get DX Cluster displays, Grey Line display, Rotator integration, Sun Cycle reporting, just so much on that one application that helps you make decisions on what you can do with radio today.

    You can use HRD to control external devices, like band switches via the computers Parallel port. With a bit of tinkering, just imagine a bandswitch making the change to antennas as soon as you change the band on the rig - or even click on the station in the DX cluster! Cool.

    And to the Pundits who say 'Operate a radio and not a computer'. Well, with the processing power in most modern radios - I guess you don't like them either! Turn in your rigs... My address is good in QRZ:D

    No, I am not the US marketing director for HRD. Just a sold user. And I use it with my Icom IC-756 P III and IC-703 MkIIG.;)
  10. AE1PT

    AE1PT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Absolute nonsense. If you do not appreciate software rig control, perhaps you should consider the possibility that these boards are not for you and conduct yourself accordingly.:eek:

    I use HRD with a basic rig--an Icom 751A. That gives me plenty of control over frequency and mode--allows quick selection of favorite phone/cw frequencies, and rapid digital mode deployment. Give the new 5.x a try, and I guarantee you will be impressed. One only has to use as many remote control features as wanted--and still fiddle with knobs--BUT CONTROL SOFTWARE SURE AS THE DICKENS MAKES ALL OF THE SUB MENU GARBAGE EASIER TO DEAL WITH...
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