Ham radio deluxe and CW

Discussion in 'Rig Control, Propagation, Cluster, & Other Softwar' started by IU2JEP, Aug 21, 2019.

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  1. IU2JEP

    IU2JEP Ham Member QRZ Page


    I would start using Mam radio deluxe software for some CW activity but I have no keyer for my FT991.
    I know that there is a way to send CW using HRD without using a keyer and only the USB cable.
    Can someone help me configuring the software and the rig to do this?

    Really thanks in advance.
  2. K7MEM

    K7MEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    A friend that lived down the street (Now SK), had a FT-991A. He initially had trouble getting HRD to communicate, but together we got it working. When he upgraded HRD, he has problems again. It turned out to be driver issues, just like the first time. However, he was not a CW user so never used it that way.

    I have used HRD on CW. But I used a separate interface. The interface was just a USB to RS-232 Serial Port Converter (DTR signal) that fed a one transistor interface to direct key the radio. I used the same interface for operating PTT, but used the CTS signal. I did it that way so I could put my radio in the CW mode and take use the narrow filters.

    The other way of doing CW with HRD is much the same as doing, say, PSK-31. The radio should be set to SSB Mode, but HRD would be set to CW Mode. In that mode, HRD will generate a single tone when generating Morse Code. As long as that tone is clean, your output single will be a clean CW signal. So be sure you don't overdrive the audio. With HRD in the CW mode, you can set the CW speed. You may need to make sure your radio is switched to transmit (PTT), before the Morse tones are generated.

    I have also seen USB interface cables available. Like this one below. With a cable like the one below, you can put your radio in the CW mode and take advantage of your narrow filters.

    USB-CW 3.5mm Key Port Data Cable for PC Send Morse to Radio

    There are configuration settings in HRD that allow you to specify how CW is handled. But it has been a while since I did them and don't really remember which ones. You should be able to contact the HRD people and ask for assistance. I'm sure they already have a help file that explains everything.

    HRD will also decode CW. It will do a fair job as long as the signal doesn't have a lot of QRM/QRN/QSB.

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