Ham Radio 360: Extra Class Upgrade with W4EDF

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K4CDN, Aug 22, 2017.

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  1. F4HPX

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    Yes, one more reason!
    But if your transceiver is "open" in frequencies then you will have to worry about it whatever license level. But then we speak about outside amateur bands rather than internal band plan.
    Half of mine gear came unlocked already when purchased (new and even not requested for) , so the band limits is something I never forget.
  2. K7LRC

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    A lot of good points here, and some not so productive. I'm a new HAM in my 50's and had to put in some work to get all three tickets, even being an EE. It was a great refresher and opportunity to learn more about HAM radio, a life-long goal of mine. It was about setting a goal and achieving it. Times do change, and we need to accept that. And here I sit, looking at my glorious modern-day transceiver, proudly positioned next to a few 60's and 70's boat anchors. The new and the old can get along just fine! This is a great hobby, no matter how far you take it, CW or not. Peace.
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  3. KD9ERA

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    I really like this reply!
    I was a novice back in the 80's, and due to Life dropped ham altogether.
    In the October of 2015, for another reason, I earned my Tech License, by March 0f 2016, I earned the Amateur Extra License.
    The gentleman here is correct, in the study habits and information retention. It is amazing how much we can forget in a short period of time
    I used the Gordon West program, to guide me through the rough spots.
    I respect the older hams, however, I have no real interest in CW, PSK, nor the digital modes, other than maybe some Satellite / LEO stuff.
    Go as far as you can go as soon as you can and enjoy the hobby.
    I too became an ARRL-VE and W5YI-VEC, just to try to give back a little.
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  4. F4HPX

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    As promised I give a feedback after passing my Extra ticket Today.
    Took a test with VE France and passed all three exams without much difficulty ...but with a lot of stress :).
    So what I can say to other candidates ? Don't give up... you can study books or question pool. With the books you will get more understanding for sure and anyway a solid background doesn't hurt.

    Next target will be re-learning Morse code although there is no more any deadlines so self-motivation will be crucial....

    73 Thomas
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  5. KE0EYJ

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    Sadly, it appears my December test is cancelled. Need to find another. May be 6 months, here in Seoul.
  6. F4HPX

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    Bad luck but you will have one session in January in Japan

    Exam Session

    01/20/2018 | JAPAN FG 00000
    Sponsor: ARRL Tokyo VE Team
    Location: Takinogawa Higashi Kumin Center
    Time: 1:00 PM (No walk-ins)

    Exam is in English and VE shall speak English too. Anyway you can contact them.
  7. W3CWT

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    Now that im reading this again, did i read this wrong an think he was being smart and saying its not worth the extra? I think i did and if so my apologizes.
  8. KD8ZM

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    My question is also, is upgrading from my current Advanced ticket, to Extra, worth doing?

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