HAM License Plates or No?

Discussion in 'Survey Center' started by K7LQT, Aug 30, 2013.

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  1. KJ4VTH

    KJ4VTH Ham Member QRZ Page

    This thread was on my watch list and I was curious if anything interested was added. Not really so I am unwatching it.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019
  2. KM4RLS

    KM4RLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am proud to let people know I am a ham operator. If they want to find out where I live, there are plenty of other ways for them to find out and like someone else said, they know you have a radio in the vehicle from the antenna. 73 to all
  3. N8AFT

    N8AFT Subscriber QRZ Page

    Cost in Ohio excessive plus need to provide documentation = ha$$le I don't need.
    No rig in auto, no distracted driving.
  4. K3XR

    K3XR Ham Member QRZ Page

    The thread can be boiled down to ...
    Those who are in favor of ham plates.
    Those who are not in favor of ham plates.
    Those who may have difficulty making a decision on their own.
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  5. K3RW

    K3RW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Despite 3 area call, I am in Washington state. Our rules are different than other states (especially TN). If I didn't lease a car, I'd have the veteran plate instead of the boring state one. But that's the lease company's rules, and basically their car too.

    Ham plates are nice, but if you support a specific college (why would you do that), or are a veteran, or have a reason to want a special plate then do that. Virginia had LOTS of them. I'd say get a nice sticker with your callsign.

    Road rage is bad here, its totally out of control. Last I need is some hothead looking up my license plate because it is also my callsign. And I'd do ham stickers for the clubs I'm in, but not feeling like putting my callsign all over my car.

    Throwing on a few gun manufacturer stickers on the windows also helps :D
  6. WD0BCT

    WD0BCT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Like.."Insured by Smith and Wesson"
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  7. W4KJG

    W4KJG Subscriber QRZ Page

    I've had ham plates for many years, without incident.

    I'm more concerned with a convicted felon who "follows" me here on QRZ and I can't un-follow him. I've asked for assistance, provided links to his background and activities, and the moderators tell me there is nothing they can do.
  8. WB9YZU

    WB9YZU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wisconsin did that also.

    The change happened when inmates stopped making license plates, and the state farmed it out.

    One used to be able to apply for them at the DMV, but they stopped that also.
    Now the only way to get HAM plates in WI is via the mail with proof of license (copy).

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