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HALLICRAFTERS HT-32A & SX-101 Is this still a viable station ?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by K5FRH, Dec 12, 2018.

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  1. K5FRH

    K5FRH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello. I have been getting some valuable advice from this forum regarding purchasing opportunities that have come my way.

    I have always wanted to own the HT 32A/SX101 combo - primarily for nostalgia purposes. I am finding several clean systems being offered. I would appreciate general opinions on whether they are worth the time to restore, or should they be passed by.

    In other words, are there problematic components such as power transformers, etc. that have no easily obtainable replacements.

    Thanks again.
  2. N2EY

    N2EY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    What condition are they in?

    What kind of operating do you intend to do with them?
  3. K5FRH

    K5FRH Ham Member QRZ Page

    General QSOs, no heavy DXing. My antenna will be some type of long wire.
  4. N2EY

    N2EY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Then it's a good setup.
  5. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    It would have been my "dream" setup in 1965!

    I did own an SX-101 MK III for a while but never had the transmitter.

    It's "work" to operate such a station, but for general purpose fun and not trying to win contests and stuff should be a great setup.
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  6. KB2FCV

    KB2FCV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I had that pair for a while, it's a nice setup. I sold them several years ago to make space for something else but they were always a nice reliable pair to use. Fairly easy to tune up and to tune around. I would take them out to the field day site for several years and would run them in the CW tent for the night.. they held their own and never missed a beat. I'd say they're worth it. They perform well for a pair of boatanchors and they are real nice looking in the shack. Love the big dial on the sx-101 and the way that the dial markers lit up. I say go for it.
  7. W2AAT

    W2AAT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    For years I used the HT37 and SX101A. I kick myself in the butt for ever selling them. If I can ever find the operating space, I surely will buy either the 32 or 37 and 101A. Expensive to operate and own, but have you ever see the price of a 1955 300 SLR. Can you imagine what it costs to have it serviced? Royalty doesn't come cheap:rolleyes: Go for them and enjoy!!!
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  8. KM1H

    KM1H Ham Member QRZ Page

    Its useless and obsolete so why dont you buy my HT-32B and SX-101A:D:oops:

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  9. K9STH

    K9STH Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    In my opinion, a middle of the road nostalgia setup. I have never owned an HT-32- series transmitter but did own an HT-37 (cheaper version with a phasing SSB generation rather than a filter SSB generation) and now have another HT-37 in need of restoration. However, I did own an SX-101- series. I really did not like the SX-101- receiver. The calibration is not as good as some of the other equipment, especially on 10-meters, and the performance OK but not outstanding.

    But, I do have to admit that, before I got the SX-101- series (I am trying to remember if it was an SX-101 Mark IIIA or SX-101A - it did have the converter band and not 160-meters), I had been spoiled by Collins A-line and S-line equipment and Heath SB-Line equipment.

    I also have an HT-33A, with all the changes made at the factory for the HT-33B except for the metering, that needs restoration as well as the HT-37. When I finally get those units in operation, I plan on using my Hallicrafters SX-100 receiver with the transmitter / linear amplifier.

    Glen, K9STH
  10. KP4SX

    KP4SX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Our club station in the early 70s had an HT-32B/SX-115/HT? Loudenboomer combo. What a great setup. But the electrical noise at the club location was horrendous and it didn't get much use. What a thrill for a new guy to tap the keyer paddle and hear all the relays clack!
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