For Sale Grundig 800 Millennium Edition

Discussion in 'General Merchandise' started by K7HN, Jun 13, 2019.

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    If you’re old enough to remember “Mr. Peabody and the way back machine.“ You’re old enough to remember what they could do LOL! Go back in time.

    If you had the chance to go back in time because you just didn’t have the money to buy one or it “Just wasn’t the right time.“ Here’s your second opportunity…

    I am extremely careful describing items. But if there was ever a radio that was still “like new“ this one is it. Grundig 800 Millennial Edition. The chrome sparkles, The buttons are in perfect condition, The knobs all work… The radio sounds with that warm rich sound of older tube sets in many ways it my opinion... it’s just beautiful.

    Everything works as it should. The antenna is straight and true, Display is clean and works great. This radio looks and operates like new.

    Now, I’m a picky guy… I purchased this radio from a craigslist ad from a guy who purchased it from the original owners of the estate.

    The original owner was a ham but just didn’t have enough room on his desk for it, so he put it back in the boxes and into a closet.

    For many years.

    I always have had an interest in DXing. It goes back to my childhood just like my love for ham radio.

    I went into commercial radio right out of high school and then found myself down the road in youth ministry as a youth pastor. I couldn’t afford the time to study for my ham ticket, as well as raising a son and taking care of the children God put in front of me to teach took up most of my time and it seemed like most times when I had money saved up it went to someone else who needed it more. So I collected DX radios.

    They were much cheaper and it was kind of “fun to have a collection of something I enjoyed.”

    This was one of those “rare finds of a lifetime.“ because it was so unique, I sent it to my friend Vlado Karamakov of to have him give it a thorough inspection, replace whatever needed to be replaced and clean it up inside.

    Inside the radio after he opened it it was just as clean as the outside needing just minor dust cleanup that had slightly accumulated over the years. There was not a thing electrically wrong with it. Everything worked within specs.

    This truly is that “one in 1 million find at least for me during my years of collecting DX radios.

    This radio was built in mind for “serious people that wanted to DX.“ Having a PL – 259 connector right in the back.

    I hate to sell this one as I know I’ll never see another one like it. And after collecting as many years as I have I know that’s true.

    Now, know the question many are thinking... “Why am I selling it?

    I sold nearly all of my DX radios to buy my ham gear. But, as many hams know, there’s more gear I need. I don’t know about you, but it just seems like ever since I received my license, It seems you just keep wanting to add more equipment for some strange reason LOL. I still need a tuner, better antenna, an amplifier… So much more!

    Ham radio has been everything I hoped it would be and so much more! Plus, I still have a couple of DX radios that are nowhere near this quality that I can hold onto. So I am blessed in that respect at least. Nothing of the quality of this radio but at least I can still listen.

    This Grundig 800 is beautiful inside and out. If you have any questions about it, please free to contact me. My email is on my QRZ page.

    It comes with everything the radio came with brand new, except a couple of items. It has a wall wart, both boxes, including matching serial number on the shipping carton and is complete except for the instructions which are available online. The original headphones were missing when I purchased it as well, so they’re not sold with it.

    Otherwise, everything is still right there... Most of all a pristine Grundig 800 radio that even if Mr. Peabody went into his way back machine…

    I think he’d have a very hard time telling this radio from one he would’ve seen when they came out brand new. Who knows? Perhaps he did bring this one back with him? LOL!!!

    Here’s your chance… Don’t miss out this time. $550 Includes CONUS Shipping to your door. Outside CONUS, shipping price will vary according to USPS rates but will come either way with full insurance.

    Blessings and 73!


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