Goin' over the EIC

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by WA4MJF, Feb 17, 2002.

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  1. WA4MJF

    WA4MJF Banned QRZ Page

    I've noticed a lot of threads where everyone wants to
    go straight to the SCARE with problems.

    No one ever seems to wanna go to their EIC.
    Now I know in a reorganization that the number
    of districts was reduced a couple of years ago.
    My EIC is in KC now instead of Norfolk, for example.

    The dx makes it kinda hard to build a relationship,
    but he is  the MAN for his district (I guess in these EEO
    days she could be the GIRL  :) ).

    I'e always believed that problems should be resolved at
    the lowest level possible.  Is this theory passe now?

    Personalities in the government bein' what they are, I
    could easily see that an EIC could get upset, if the licensees in his district were constantly goin' over his/her head.  Givin' the impression that he/she (not the pervert kind) is not doin' his/her job.

    Any thoughts on this pro or con?

    73 de Ronnie
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