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Glenn Baxter, K1MAN Fined $21,000

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. K3VR

    K3VR Ham Member QRZ Page

    There is a wonderful park with a nicely manicured lawn, walking trails, woods, and a crystal clear lake stocked with trout. There's something for everyone in the park. It's a thing of beauty and our tax dollars pay for its upkeep. Unfortunately, there is only one groundskeeper. It's a very BIG park and he's very busy, so he relies on volunteers and the goodwill of citizens to help him out.

    Sometimes an ugly, possibly rabid, stray dog comes along and leaves a large package in the middle of a well-traveled trail. The mess draws lots of flies. It's unpleasant, it stinks, it's unsightly, and many unsuspecting joggers inadvertently step in it.

    The park represents our ham bands. The miscreants make the mess. The jammers are the flies the mess attracts. We are the joggers. Riley is the groundskeeper.

    Turning the dial means ignoring the mess. We can all turn the dial, but in the meantime the mess will still be there, it will draw hundreds of flies, and joggers will continue to step in it. Worse, the same stray is still running around in our park making a new mess every day.

    Turning the dial doesn't work, has never worked, and it will never work - and I'll tell you why. Riley works for the FCC, which is the federal agency in control of the park. The FCC is complaint-driven, which means no complaint, no action. The more complaints, the more action. The bigger the mess, and the more complaints, the faster the action. Get it?

    So when one report about the mess gets to Riley, he may say, "Send me a picture of the mess and tell me which trail the mess is on and give me a description of the dog and tell me what time the dog made the mess and I'll check it out. Oh, and don't forget to sign the report, okay?"

    When ten reports go to Riley, he might ask an OO to turn on a radio and listen for awhile. When dozens of reports go to Riley, he may ask a monotoring station to pinpoint the signal. A dozen more complaints and he might write a letter. Another dozen and he might ask the local field office to inspect the station. The beginning of true enforcement begins when the first letter goes out, and the process can take years to effectuate change.

    Unless the violator apologizes and alters his course, or voluntarily cooperates by taking time off, or hands in his license for cancellation, we are in for a very long wait.

    Baxter failed to respond to Commission directives and now we're all watching events unfold in real time. He told the Commission "No changes are necessary" and they said, "Okay, you owe us $21,000."

    I've only talked to Baxter twice in the past 4 years, but I've sent dozens of complaints about interference, pecuniary interest, control issues, and broadcasting. I've also used the internet to apply peer pressure and to educate others about the problem. You all know this.

    My point is, the problem has been going on for twenty years, largely because so many people simply turned the dial. To those who enjoy the park without some sort of voluntarism to help maintain the park, I say, it's YOUR park, please get involved. We need you! To those who intentionally vandalize our facilities... please stop it. And to those who already help in so many ways, a big, heartfelt Thank You! See you in the park.
  2. N6KZB

    N6KZB Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    K3VR, wow, well written, and a good analogy..

    Mr. Baxter will now pay the price.

    Eventually it will be "hands on"..


  3. w4nti

    w4nti Guest

    Points well taken Brian. Until KFM showed up on 14.275 none of these things were happening. And come to think of it...HE DIDN't SHOW UP THERE UNTIL BAXTER STARTED BACK UP WITH HIS BULLETINS. Kinda proves your theory there me boy.

  4. W6EM

    W6EM Ham Member QRZ Page

    While the park analogy is an interesting approach, some of your choices don't fit too well.  In your analogy, you claim a miscreant stray dog creates the nuisance for the joggers.  Not accurate.  A better analogy would assign the micreance to a degenerate jogger who chooses not to contain him or herself and deficate on the trail repeatedly.  After all, it is really one or two of *us* joggers that are messing up the park, right?

    As to the groundskeeper, well, he's one hell of a groundskeeper.  Superman.  He has a cadre of contractors at his beck and call.  And, the existing price of admission to the park pays for it all.  And, don't forget the entire Forest Service army either.  The Justice Department, of course, with its limitless supplies of fertilizer, disinfectant, new lawn, shrubs and trees to repair any damage to the park.

    And, last but not least, the best way to keep rif-raf joggers out of the park would be to fence the park and charge more for admission.
    Turning the dial was and is an option.  And one to not necessarily avoid the problem, but to make another choice to avoid encouraging the continuation of the problem by letting the irritant know how much you dislike it.  Rooted, of course, in the premise that the problem is a problem stemming from some form of attention deficit fulfillment.  You can make your recording(s) and file your complaints with the Enforcement Bureau without having to 'stay tuned' to something you don't wish to listen to, can't you?  Besides, the last time I read the FO, it was the groundskeeper's crew that collected all of the material, not the joggers' show and tell that really did the trick.
  5. W4FJM

    W4FJM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just one final note on this thing (having already beat it to death in our classic style, lol)
    whether you personally like or dislike Glen Baxter or what he has been doing, one thing can be siad: At least he seems to honestly feel that he is serving the amateur radio community. The jammers cannot say that , although they probably will anyway. The rhetoric I keep hearing in response of those who resort to foul mouthing and verbal abuses on the bands is "If you don't like it, turn off your radio, or QSY." This may seem logical on the surface, but it simply doesn't work in the real world! For one thing, if someone has given you a reason to QSY or pull the big switch, then the damage has already been done. Not only that, but thinking back to school days, would  walking away from the jerk who bullied you have discouraged him? People acting inappropriately need to be dealt with. They don't need to be sent the message that what they are doing must be okay, because others just let them be and turn a deaf ear. Of course, I am talking about resorting to legal measures and not the bozo tactics imported from the 11 meter world.


    (P.S. Not to say that ALL CBer's are idiots, but we all know the types of characters I speak of)
  6. W6EM

    W6EM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well said, Frank. Your Avatar is great. Kinda looks like Alfred E. Newman morphed back to a chimp wearing George Burns spectacles. And, it has a strange resemblance to an incumbent politician. Nope. Don't want to mention any names.


    Leeds, AL
  7. WZ7U

    WZ7U Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wow! This thread really imploded for ole N9OGL. Im afraid he is way out there, farther than I care to go. And I thought my life was starting to suck.....  [​IMG]  Kiddie porn is kiddie porn whether it is actual images or someones sick imagination. I saw enough on his blog page to know the difference between 'art' and worse. What a freak! Wierd how some threads take off on odd tangents when you arent watching. Dude, get help now! Move outta mommys basement and into the looney bin where you can get your diodes biased.
  8. K4JF

    K4JF Ham Member QRZ Page

    I agree that the jammers were just as bad as Baxter. However, the person who uses an open frequency of 14.275 and is in QSO when K1MAN starts up is NOT the jammer. (Example, the Scouts were not the jammers in that famous incident when K1MAN accused them of jamming.) The rules are clear: no one owns a frequency. Not K1MAN, not a net, not the stations who have "used it for 20 years". No one.
  9. W6EM

    W6EM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Especially true for someone who still uses an analog VFO (to determine where his sideband will be parked). It matters not whether it be a sloppily-slidden-slug to determine where its parked, or a phase-locked loop.

    Correct, as stated, within the context of Part 97 as it applies to us wherever we have primary assignments. However, as the rules state, we must move off in favor of primary assignees where we are secondary. So, even first-come, first-served is not always the case in our service.

  10. K4JF

    K4JF Ham Member QRZ Page

    OK, I'll just modify it slightly.  "No Amateur Radio Operator - or group of operators - owns a frequency."  How's that? Including the vast majority of us who still "use an analog VFO". (It was still the rule when there was nothing but analog VFOs.)
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